SOUTHLAND 2015 -$20,000 Hound Madness Stakes update

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MoneyMaker Mike

March 10th, 2015

This past Saturday at Southland was the first round of the 2015 $20,000 Hound Madness Stakes. This is a five round elimination stakes contest with the finals being run on April 4. Listed below are the top four seeds in each region and how they did on March 8 in the first round. Listed also will be MoneyMaker Mike's picks for the finals and my choice to win it all. I will update this stakes contest before and after each round is run. The second round will be held on March 13. Good luck to all and thanks for reading.


Top 4 Seeds in Each Region


West Region

Top Seed - FLYIN SUPERGIANT - Advances

2nd Seed - ATASCOCITA GRAY - Advances

3rd Seed - COUNSELOR - Advances

4th Seed - PJ PAYINGTHEBILL - Advances


Midwest Region

Top Seed - CBJ OLD GLORY - Eliminated

2nd Seed - CBJ BUTTERFINGE - Advances

3rd Seed - FLYING TAOS - Eliminated

4th Seed - IRVIN OF RUCKUS - Advances


East Region

Top Seed - FLYING RIOT - Advances

2nd Seed - KIOWA JARED - Advances

3rd Seed - REVOLUTION - Eliminated

4th Seed - IN MY MEMORY - Advances


South Region

Top Seed - U TOO PURE SILK - Advances

2nd Seed - CHASMO'S DIESEL - Advances

3rd Seed - CBJ IRISH CREME - Advances

4th Seed - SLATEX TAOS - Advances


As you can tell 13 of the 16 top seeds advanced to Round 2 including 3 of the top seeds so the pre rankings appear to be very much on target at this point. I look for a few more of the top 16 seeds to be eliminated in the 2nd round as the matchups get more competitive. Listed below are my choices for the top seeds to move on as well as well as several of my picks who I think will advance to next round.


West Region - Round 2 - To Advance - FLYING SUPERGIANT/ATASCOCITA GRAY/COUNSELOR/Volando Emilo (my pick)

Midwest Region - Round 2 - To Advance - Flying Fired Up (my pick)/IRVIN OF RUCKUS/Flyin Turbo Toes (my pick)/CBJ BUTTERFINGER

East Region - Round 2 - To Advance - FLYING RIOT/Pj Refined (my pick)/Mega Vast (my pick)/IN MY MEMORY

South Region - Round 2 - To Advance - U TOO PURE SILK/CHASMO'S DIESEL/CBJ IRISH CREME/Crown and Crest (my pick)


My pick for the Semifinals - COUNSELOR/Flying Fired Up/Pj Refined/CHASMO'S DIESEL

My pick for the Finals - COUNSELOR/CHASMO'S DIESEL

My pick to win it all - CHASMO'S DIESEL