Southland: 2015 Hound Madness Stakes Finals

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MoneyMaker Mike

March 31st, 2015

After almost a month long stakes contest, after starting with 64 greyhounds and after 5 extremely competitive and very entertaining rounds, it has come down to the finals of the SOUTHLAND 2015 $20,000 HOUND MADNESS STAKES and two amazingly talented greyhounds. It will be COUNSELOR going up against CHASMO'S DIESEL for the championship on Saturday, April 4. In the semifinals on Sunday, March 29, Counselor defeated Irvin Of Ruckus and Chasmo's Diesel got the best of PJ Refined. I am pleased to say that MONEYMAKE MIKE picked both of these dogs to make the finals and also had 3 of the 4 semifinalists. Both COUNSELOR and CHASMO'S DIESEL are making a strong case to be part of the 2015  Greyhound All American team that will be selected and announced early next year. It is going to be an amazing race and a battle to the wire and I'm staying with CHASMO'S DIESEL to win it all. Best of luck to both of these impressive young greyhounds as they go paw to paw for the stakes title on April 4.


CHASMO'S DIESEL - (2nd seed) - 20 career starts - 12-5-0-1 (18 top 4 finishes)


COUNSELOR - (3rd seed) - 40 career starts - 20-4-9-5 (38 top 4 finishes)