Southland 2016 Razorback Classic Stakes competition gets underway with Round 1 on Sunday, May 15

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MoneyMaker Mike

May 14th, 2016

This weekend's greyhound racing at Southland is highlighted by the start of the always exciting and entertaining 2016 RAZORBACK CLASSIC STAKES. Round 1 will be run on Sunday, May 15 with 12 stakes races on the schedule as 96 hard running greyhounds will tackle the 660 yard course in their bid to win the prestigious distance title. As always I give the public my picks to make the finals as well as my choice to win it all before the start of the contest. With all the talent that runs at Southland, this should be one of the most competitive stakes contests that's been seen in recent memory. The dates are listed below for this stakes schedule and best wishes go out to each of the greyhounds as well as their owners, kennels and trainers and all others associated with them. Fans are in for one heck of a paw to paw contest as some of the best distance greyhounds in the country will do battle to be the stakes champion. Remember that BetAmerica is always available to answer any questions you may have. Thanks for reading and best of luck with your wagering opportunities.


Round 1 - Sunday, May 15 Round 2 - Friday, May 20 Round 3 - Wednesday, May 25 Round 4 - Monday, May 30

Finals - Saturday, June 4

MoneyMaker 's picks to make the finals, my pick to win it all and my longshot pick listed below along with their Round 1 races and box positions.

RUBBERBAND MAN - race 5 - 6 box

EVOLVINGSITUAJHN - race 12 - 5 box

BRASKA DALE - race 12 - 8 box

OSHKOSH KID - race 13 - 3 box - my pick to win it all

FLYING TIGERBABY - race 13 - 6 box

FLYING TREASURE - race 14 - 5 box

MEGA REVELATION - race 15 - 5 box

OSHKOSH FANTASIA - race 16 - 5 box

MoneyMaker Mike's longshot pick

MOONLIGHT CRUSH - race 3 - 7 box