SOUTHLAND Getting Ready for the Very Popular $25,000 HOUND MADNESS STAKES Which Starts Sunday, March 5

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March 1st, 2017

With the Southland stakes season getting underway with February's recently completed Iron Dog Challenge won by XKT JON SCHNABEL, it's now time to take a look at the next stakes event coming up. Greyhound fans sure won't have to wait long because it begins this coming Sunday, March 5 with Round 1 of the SOUTHLAND $25,ooo HOUND MADNESS STAKES .
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There will be 64 greyhounds taking to the track in their quest for the coveted title and as always it will feature some of the best runners in the country battling paw to paw in an exciting and entertaining format where the greyhounds can advance by finishing ahead of the one they are bracketed with. This opens up some intriguing possibilities as a greyhound could run 2nd and not advanced while one could run 7th and move on. I have listed the dates for this stakes schedule below and will have more on this upcoming and very competitive stakes battle in the next few days so be sure and check back with us. There will be 5 rounds leading up to the finals and some fantastic greyhound racing along the way so join us to watch these talented runners display their speed and skills while racing for the 2017 HOUND MADNESS title. Thanks for reading and good luck with your wagering opportunities.

Round 1 - Sunday, March 5 Round 2 - Saturday, March 11 Round 3 - Friday, March 17 Round 4 - Wednesday, March 22 Round 5 - Sunday, March 26

FINALS - Friday evening, March 31