Southland finals are set for Friday, April 1

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March 28th, 2016

Saturday's greyhound racing card at the Southland track was highlighted by the running of the Final Four round of the semifinals of the 2016 Southland "Hound Madness Stakes". The finals are now set as the field has been cut down to two greyhounds from the original 64 who were entered. This stakes competition has seen upset after upset as none of the top 16 seeded greyhounds were able to make it to the final four. As for the two finalists, Boc's Tony Romo was originally seeded 5th and Daily Prayer was seeded 7th and both have clearly shown that they are very deserving of going paw to paw for the title.  This year's tournament has been one of the most highly competitive stakes contests that Southland has seen recently and the remaining two greyhounds are certainly a reflection of that.  Congratulations to all of the 64 greyhounds who took part in this very exciting stakes racing over the past few weeks. The championship of the 2016 Hound Madness Stakes will be held on Friday, April 1. Listed below are the two finalists and I will update their post positions later in the week. Best of luck to both of the greyhounds as well as all of their connections. Always remember that BETAMERICA is just a click away for your wagering opportunities or for any questions or comments you may have. Thanks for reading and good luck.

Finals of the 2016 Southland Hound Madness Stakes to be held on Friday, April 1. The post positions will be announced later in the week.

BOC'S TONY ROMO - Bussmann Balakas Kennel - has won all 5 of his races in the HOUND MADNESS STAKES and has an eight race winning streak currently.

DAILY PRAYER - Ryan Farms Kennel - has won 3 of her 5 races in the HOUND MADNESS STAKES and finished 3rd and 5th the other two times.