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April 18th, 2016

Here are the Sunday results of this week's study of the morning line picks at Southland and I have recapped them below. This past week MoneyMaker Mike took a look at different handicapping styles and I started with the morning line picks found at the bottom of each of the daily Southland programs. Sunday's races were the final card of the week for this study of the 7 performances from Wednesday thru Sunday and the recap is below. I found the results of this very short study to be interesting and please feel free to give your own opinion about how you think the morning line picks did during this study. Handicapping the greyhounds successfully and on a regular basis has shown to be a lot harder then a person might think but regardless, whether that is from trying to use logic and reasoning or just going with assumptions and guesses, the end result is that all of us, with what ever strategy is used, we all hope to show a profit.  Thanks for reading and good luck with your wagers.

Sunday's afternoon results of the morning line picks showed the key dog in each race came in the money 11 times in 18 races and with 5 winners (including a morning line stretch of 4 winners in a row), 5 place efforts and 1 show finish. This turned out to be the best card of the week for the morning line picks. In addition to the 5 winners which came in the 8th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th races, there were 9 quinielas and exactas hit using the four dog box and in the 6th, 7th and 10th race, you could have hit the quiniela and exacta by just playing the top two morning line dogs in that race. There were two trifectas hit using the four dog box and one of those, the 15th race, the trifecta was hit by using the top three morning line dogs in that race.  There weren't any superfectas hit using the four dog box.

The overall results from the 7 performances during this past week at Southland showed there were 125 races run, (one race was declared a no-race on the Saturday evening card) and the morning line key dog came in 62 times in the money in those 125 races, nearly a 50% rate of the key dog finishing in the top three spots. Of those 62 in the money finishes, there were 23 winners, 27 place finishes and 12 show finishes. There were a total of 49 quinielas and exactas hit if you had played the morning line four dog box, a total 20 trifectas hit using the four dog box and a total of 5 superfectas hit using the four dog box of the morning line picks. The winning percentage of the key dog was approximately 18% and the study showed almost a 40% rate of success boxing the 4 morning line picks in each race if you were playing the quinielas and exactas. As for trifectas the percentage was 16% and the superfecta percentage turned out to be 4%, both bets using the four dog box. All in all, I found this short study very interesting and thought the morning line picks fared better then some people might have expected, at least in having the key dog in the money and playing the quinielas & exactas.

Round 1 of the Southland Spring Futurity Stakes is in the books and the results of how my 8 picks to make the finals ran are listed below. The 2nd round will be run on Friday, April 22.

2016 Southland Spring Futurity

Round 1 - Sunday, April 17 Round 2 - Friday, April 22 Round 3 - Wednesday, April 27 Round 4 - Sunday, May 1 Finals - Saturday, May 7

MoneyMaker Mike's 8 picks to make the finals.

Round 1 results.

Boc's Doubleshot - WON Xkt Rick Ness - ran 2nd Axen Jackson - ran 5th Theeree - my pick to win it all - WON Innersepshun - WON Oshkosh Volley - ran 6th Fine Designing - ran 4th Boc's Gamer Girl - WON