Southland - Monday, March 7

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MoneyMaker Mike

March 7th, 2016

What an exciting day it was at the Southland track as the 2016 SOUTHLAND "HOUND MADNESS STAKES" competition got underway on Sunday. There were 64 talented and hard running greyhounds who were entered and who were after the stakes title. I selected 8 greyhounds who I thought had the best chances to make the quarterfinals and also who I thought would be the eventual champion along with a greyhound to keep an eye on during the contest. I always do this before the different stakes racing starts as I like to follow my picks thru the rounds to see how I do. I listed these below and will update this stakes competition during each round. Also listed below is a quick update on those greyhounds who had a current two race win streak going who ran this past Thursday thru Sunday. As followers of my Southland blog will know, the past week MoneyMaker Mike had been selecting those races where a greyhound had at least a two race winning streak going. We did this last season and the results were interesting as only a few greyhounds were able to continue their winning streaks during the study so I thought I would try that again. Always remember that BETAMERICA is just a click away for your wagering opportunities or for any questions or comments you may have. Thanks for reading and good luck.

SOUTHLAND 2016 HOUND MADNESS Stakes - MoneyMaker Mike's picks to make the quarterfinals and my pick to win it all. I've also included my pick to keep an eye on.

Listed below are the updated stakes results of my 8 picks to make the quarterfinals and pick to win it all as well as my pick to keep an eye on. Seven of the eight picks were able to advance to the second round and both my pick to win it all and my pick to keep an eye on advanced as well. Three of the picks were winners, SE'S TALI SUNDANCE - PJ REFINED - FIESTA PARAGUS. Round 2 of this stakes competition will be run on Friday, March 11.

West Region finals - SE'S TALI SUNDANCE - CHASMO'S DUTCH - both advanced to the next round

Midwest Region finals - RUBBERBAND MAN - FLYING FIRED UP - both advanced to the next round East Region finals - CHASMO'S DIESEL - PJ REFINED - both advanced to the next round

South Region finals - NASHAPELLI - FIESTA PARAGUAS - FIESTA PARAGUS advanced to the next round - NASHAPELLI didn't advance.

MoneyMaker Mike's pick to win it all - CHASMO'S DUTCH - advanced to the next round

MoneyMaker Mike's one to keep an eye on - AMF SLEEKSTRANGR - advanced to the next round

Here are the results of the past week's study of those greyhounds who had current win streaks of at least 2 races going.

There were 16 greyhounds who raced from Thursday to Sunday who had a current win streak of at last 2 races. Of those 16, only 4 greyhounds were able to keep their streak going and I've listed them below. The other 12 greyhounds however had their winning streaks come to an end. What stands out to me from this very short and unscientific study is that all 4 winners are solid Grade AA runners. Two of the four wins came in the current HOUND MADNESS stakes and the other two wins came in Grade AA races. Southland is regarded by many to be the premier track in the country and the greyhound talent is definitely in abundance at this track. To have these runners extend their winning streaks against top notch competiton is impressive to say the least.

BOC'S TONY ROMO - win streak at 4 EVOLVINGSITUAJHN - win streak at 3 SE TALI SUNDANCE - win streak at 4 SHOW ON THE ROAD - win streak at 10

I also included two greyhounds who had won their last schooling race and had followed that up with a maiden win. Neither one of these two greyhounds won their Grade D race.