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MoneyMaker Mike

April 17th, 2015

Southland completed the 2nd round of the 2015 $20,000 SPRING FUTURITY Stakes  on Wednesday, April 20 and listed below are MONEYMAKER MIKE's picks and how those 8 greyhounds did in Round 2 of this very exciting and entertaining stakes contest. Round 3 is set for Monday, April 20 and Round 4 will be on Saturday, April 25. The finals are set for Friday, May 1. We will continue to update the stakes contest here at BETAMERICA and good luck to all the greyhounds entered.

SOUTHLAND 2015 $20,000 SPRING FUTURITY Round 3 results

Race 2 - FLYING YAHOO - started from the 3 box - finished 7th

Race 4 - JOLIE OF RUCKUS - started from the 4 box - finished 3rd

Race 7 - ELLIE - started from the 3 box - finished 2nd

Race10- SOVEREIGN ISLAND - started from 7 box - finished 3rd

Race10- FLYING FIRED UP - started from the 8 box - Won the race

Race13- JASPER OF RUCKUS - started from the 4 box - finished 6th

Race13- KL'S NO REGRETS - started from the 7 box - finished 7th

Race17- JJ'S TANGO - started from the 1 box - finished 2nd

Of these 8 greyhounds that were selected to make the finals, there were 5 that finished in the money in the 2nd Round of the stakes contest. I will update how many of the 8 greyhounds above are moving on to Round 3 in my next blog. Good luck to everyone and thanks for reading.