SOUTHLAND Preview - 4th Round of $20,000 SPRING FUTURITY STAKES on Saturday, April 25

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MoneyMaker Mike

April 24th, 2015

The Saturday evening racing card on April 25 is highlighted by the running of the 4th round of the SOUTHLAND 2015 $20,000 SPRING FUTURITY STAKES contest. The field will be cut from 32 greyhounds to 16 after Round 4 is completed tomorrow and the finals are set for Friday, May 1st. There are 4 stakes races in this round and I've listed MONEYMAKER MIKE's picks to make the finals below. Before this stakes event started I selected 8 greyhounds out of the 48 that had entered that I believed would make the finals. At this point, after 3 rounds have been run, all 8 selections are still in the chase. Good luck to all the remaining greyhounds and their connections as they battle paw to paw for the prestigious title.

SOUTHLAND 2015 $20,000 SPRING FUTURITY Round 4 Stakes races - all Grade SAA - all 583 yards

Race 2 - None of MoneyMaker Mike's 8 selections to make the finals are in this Round 4 stakes race.

Race 10 - ELLIE - starts from the 1 box

Race 10 - JOLIE OF RUCKUS - starts from the 5 box

Race 10 - SOVEREIGN ISLAND - starts from the 6 box

Race 10 - JJ'S TANGO - starts from the 7 box

Race 10 - FLYING FIRED UP - starts from the 8 box

Race 11 - KL'S NO REGRETS - starts from the 6 box

Race 17 - JASPER OF RUCKUS - starts from the 4 box

Race 17 - FLYING YAHOO - starts from the 6 box

As you can tell, Race 10 has 5 of my selections going up against each other so that should be a very entertaining and competitive race and I'll be watching that one very closely. Good luck to everyone and thanks for reading. Don't forget the finals are set for Friday, May 1st.