Southland Preview - 5 Up & Coming Greyhounds to watch in June

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MoneyMaker Mike

May 29th, 2015

Welcome to another Southland monthly preview of the Five Up & Coming Young Greyhounds To Watch at Southland and June's selections certainly look like they will give a solid showing in the coming weeks and months as their young careers have already gotten of to a very good start. The only requirement that I use in selecting the 5 up and coming young greyhounds to watch each month is that they have no more then 10 official starts prior to being selected. Please check back as every two months or so I will give updates on the progress of our choices. Good luck to everyone and thanks for reading.

MONEYMAKER MIKE'S 5 Up and Coming Young Greyhounds To Watch at Southland for June

CHARLIE BALE -  6 starts - 2-0-3-0 - This greyhound won both of his schooling races, one by 12 lengths and the other by 17 lengths. A mid track to wide runner, he's got a good early rush and a very impressive late run and has already moved up to Grade C. Next start - Saturday, May 30 - afternoon session - Race 7 - 9 box - Grade C

CTW JOLLY ROGERS - 2 starts - 2-0-0-0 - He is going after his 3rd straight win next time out and has both good early speed as well as a good closing run to go with his mid-track running style. Has moved up to Grade C with 2 solid wins and is looking to continue his winning streak. Next start - Saturday, May 30 - afternoon session - Race 7 - 2 box - Grade C

HL'S CLEMIE - 3 starts - 2-0-0-0 - She started with 2 schooling wins and followed those up with 2 official wins in her first two starts before encountering much trouble in her last race. She's got tons of early speed and appears to have a mid-track running style at this very early point of her young career. Worth watching this one as she moves up the ladder at Southland and is in Grade C at this time.

OSHKOSH MYRON - 7 starts - 1-3-2-0 - He's got good early speed and seems to be able to run from anywhere on the track which is always a positive sign and already is six out of seven in the money. He's been giving 110% each time out and there is no reason not to think it will continue. Next start - Saturday, May 30 - evening session - Race 12 - 4 box - Grade D

I couldn't decide between two young greyhounds for the 5th spot on June's list so I've called it a tie and gone with both of them, it will be like having a bonus greyhound for June as I felt both had the credentials to be selected.

POP FIZZ - 9 starts - 1-4-2-0 - Lots of early speed for him and he should be out fast in a good many of  his races and his consistency is already impressive, having finished 7 out 9 times in the money so far. Looks like a bright future for him so keep a watch on his progress. Next start - Saturday, May 30 - afternoon session - Race 6 - 4 box - Grade D

RUBBERBAND MAN - 8 starts - 2-5-0-1 - Capable of showing early speed at times, his biggest strength has shown to be a very strong late move from the backstretch to the wire and his consistency of 7 top two finishes in just 9 starts confirms his solid effort each time out. He's run good from the inside as well as mid track and wide so he's worth checking out in the future.

Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone.