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November 11th, 2015

Friday evening at Southland will be highlighted by the running of the inaugural BETAMERICA KINGS VS QUEENS Classic and will feature nine very talented greyhounds going paw to paw in their battle for the win. The winner will be invited to the prestigious BetAmerica DAYTONA 550 national championship which will be held on Saturday, January 23.  The recently completed 2015 Festival of Stakes provided the entries with the top four finishers in the Female Sprint (won by Mega Nerfetta) and the top four finishers in the Male Sprint (won by Chasmo's Dutch) along with the Juvenile Champ winner chosen as the wildcard pick (Mega Blackboard) all getting a spot in this race. The David Blair Kennel leads the way by having 5 of the entries and Lester Raines has 2 of them. Mike Harris and the Northshore Kennel each have one greyhound entered. I will have more on this race in the next day or so along with their post positions for this outstanding field. Good luck to all and thanks for reading.

SOUTHLAND KINGS vs QUEENS Classic - entries below

CHASMO'S DUTCH - Lester Raines Kennel FLYING FIRED UP - Lester Raines Kennel FIESTA PARAGUS - David Blair Kennel MEGA BACKBOARD - David Blair Kennel MEGA BIEN HECHO - David Blair Kennel MEGA CONTENT - David Blair Kennel MEGA NERFETTA - David Blair Kennel PJ REFINED - Mike Harris Kennel RUBBERBAND MAN - Northshore Kennel