SOUTHLAND Preview - Greyhounds to watch

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MoneyMaker Mike

November 25th, 2015

Welcome to another Southland monthly preview of the Five Up & Coming Young Greyhounds To Watch. December's selections  certainly look like they will give a solid showing in the coming weeks and months as their young careers have already gotten of to a very good start. The only requirement that I use in selecting the 5 up and coming young greyhounds to watch each month is that they have had no more then 10 official starts prior to being selected. Please check back as every two months or so I will give updates on the progress of our selections. Good luck to everyone and thanks for reading.

BRASKA DALE - 3 starts - 2-1-0-0 - This young greyhound has been very impressive in a really short time. Having run in only 3 races in his young career, he's looked extremely impressive ever since he set foot on the Southland track. He schooled twice, winning both by huge margins, 12 & 14 lengths. He then followed that up with a dazzling 21 length win in his first official race as a maiden and ran 2nd in his first D grade contest closing strong down the stretch. Last time out he drew the 8 box and wins by 11 1/2 lengths with another outstanding effort. He's shown to be quick out of the box with a strong rush to the turn, once he gets the lead, he just turns it up another notch and pulls away easily. His future is bright indeed and worth keeping an eye on any and every time he runs. Next time running - Race 8 - Grade C - box 8 - Friday afternoon, November 27.

CBJ SEVENUP - 1 start - 1-0-0-0 - Two schooling wins and then he wins his first official start by going to the front and never looking back. One to watch over the next few months as he's shown tons of early speed so far in both the schooling and official races and looks hard to catch if he gets out front. Next time running - Race 14 - Grade D - box 7 - Friday evening, November 27.

INNERSEPSHUN - 4 starts - 2-0-0-0 - He started strong with two schooling wins and then won his first two official starts before having some trouble in his last two races. He's a very young greyhound who with a little more experience should continue to move up in grade and worth keeping an eye on. Next time running - Race 9 - Grade C - box 5 - Wednesday twilight, November 25.

SUPER C KARA - 6 starts - 1-2-2-1 - She's shown to be a hard runner who seems to always be near the front as evidenced by her 6 top four finishes in her young career of just six races. A mid to rail runner with enough speed and rush to the turn should have her in contention in most races she runs. Next time running - Race 12 - Grade D - box 2 - Wednesday twilight, November 25.

TNT ROUNDHOUSE - 9 starts - 4-2-1-0 - He's a rail runner with good early speed and has already climbed up in class to Grade A despite being off for over a month after falling in a distance race in late September. There is no quit in this greyhound and despite him encountering trouble a few times lately, he bears watching over the next few months as his potential is solid. Next time running - Race 5 - Grade A - box 9 - Friday evening, November 27.