SOUTHLAND: 2015 Spring Futurity Stakes - Round 1

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MoneyMaker Mike

April 12th, 2015

SOUTHLAND Preview - First Round Of 2015 SPRING FUTURITY Stakes is in the books

The first round of the SOUTHLAND 2015 $20,000 SPRING FUTURITY Stakes competition is in the books and what an exciting and entertaining start it was. Here is a quick recap of how MONEYMAKER MIKE's picks of the 8 greyhounds to make the finals of this stakes championship did in their first round races. I believe this is a 5 round stakes contest and I'll post previews and recaps before and after each round is run. Thanks for reading and good luck to all 48 greyhounds as we get ready for Round 2. Remember that BETAMERICA has over 200 racetracks available for your wagering pleasure so feel free to visit them with any questions or comments that you may have. Good luck and let's all put some money in our pockets.

Here are the eight greyhounds who I picked to make the finals and how they did in Round 1 which was run on Friday evening, April 10.

SOVEREIGN ISLAND -  Race 2 - had the 4 box - ran 2nd

JJ'S TANGO - Race 2 - had the 8 box - won the race

JOLIE OF RUCKUS - Race 4 - had the 1 box - ran 2nd

FLYING YAHOO - Race 8 - had the 2 box - won the race

FLYING FIRED UP - Race 10 - had the 6 box - won the race

ELLIE - Race 10 - had the 8 box - ran 2nd

KL'S NO REGRETS - Race 14 - had the 4 box - ran 3rd

JASPER OF RUCKUS - Race 17 - had the 2 box - ran 2nd


The 8 greyhounds above who were MONEYMAKER MIKE'S selections to make the finals got off to a tremendous start in this SOUTHLAND 2015 $20,000 SPRING FUTURITY Stakes contest with 3 of the 8 winning their races along with 4 that finished 2nd and 1 that finished 3rd. What a great start to the contest, 8 for 8 in the money with those picks. Hopefully that good luck continues in Round 2.