SOUTHLAND Preview - Five up and coming young greyhounds to watch for at Southland in January

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MoneyMaker Mike

December 17th, 2014

It's that time again, the middle of the month and MoneyMaker Mike's 5 selections for Southland's January five up and coming greyhounds to watch are now posted. The only criteria used for choosing these 5 greyhounds is that they have no more than 10 starts in their careers up to this point. You may have read my blog from yesterday in which I gave a recap and the stats of our 25 picks from August to December. I will continue to give  updates on these as well as the five listed below in the coming months. Good luck to all and thanks for reading.

ARKANS BEN - This  young greyhound has had 3 official starts and in them he has 2 wins and a second place finish. Already having moved up to Grade C,  he's shown a strong early rush to go along with a good closing run. His running style so far varies from mid track to the inside and he has won both races when he went to the front. Keep an eye on this one for sure. He is running in the 12th race Thursday night, the 18th of December.

JOLIE OF RUCKUS - In three schooling races she won twice and finished second. In her first three official starts she has a win, a second and a fourth place effort. She's a mid-track runner with tons of early speed and should be played each time out for the next several races, if not to win, in the tri somewhere as she will tend to be a frontrunner in most of her races with a very good chance of making the ticket. Her next outing is in the 4th race on Wednesday, the 17th of December.

KL'S NO REGRETS - Talk about an impressive young greyhound, he won both of his schooling races and then followed that up with two wins in his first two outings including a 16 length romp in his first official start at Southland. He's up to Grade C now and while the competition will continue to get tougher, he has shown so far that he's up to the challenge. In fact, in both schooling races and both of his official starts, he's had the lead at the first turn and has never been passed yet while being in front. At this rate, his greyhound future looks very bright indeed.

PJ EZ PASS - In his last schooling race before making his official debut at Southland, he won by 10 lengths from the 8 box. In his first three official starts, he has two wins and a second, all from the 1/2/3/ boxes. He's a rail runner with a strong rush and a big closing move and looks like the real deal so far. He is running in the 12th race Thursday night, December 18th.

PJ  HUSTLER - He won his last schooling race by 8 1/2 lengths, then in his first official start was bumped and finished 5th. He followed that up with 2 wins in his last 2 races and has worked his way up to Grade C already. He's a mid to wide runner with a strong rush to the turn and a big late move that will bode him well in the future. He is running in the same 12th race on December 18th that two of the other top 5 up and coming greyhounds are so that should be one heck of a contest to watch.

Good luck to everyone and best of luck to our 5 up and coming greyhounds for January.