SOUTHLAND Preview - Friday evening, April 3

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MoneyMaker Mike

April 2nd, 2015

Welcome to another exciting and entertaining Friday evening of greyhound racing at Southland. On tap are 18 races that feature some of Southland's finest going paw to paw with each other. There are several races that stood out as solid wagering opportunities and I have listed those below. Please note that Saturday evening, April 4, is the running of the SOUTHLAND 2015 $20,000 HOUND MADNESS STAKES finals. Good luck to all and thanks for reading.

Race 2 - Grade A -  583 yard course - I'm going with the (5) FLYING YAHOO as the key in this one as he's a recent drop in class as well as coming back to race in the shorter distance then his longer distance contests of late. This talented young pup only has 18 career starts but does have 6 wins already as well as 6 second place efforts and a good many of these top two finishes have come in top grade races. I will key the (5) with the 1-3-6 in the quinielas and play the 5-all-8-all, 5-all-all-8, all-5-8-all & all-5-all-8 in the dime superfecta.

Race 7 - Grade C - 660 yard course - I'm going with the (2) SAHARA SKY to come right back with her second straight win after her impressive 7 length win last time out over this course. She came here from the Orange Park track and seems to be adjusting well to the Southland surface. She does have a strong closing move so I'm willing to give her a shot in this one after her last performance. I'll be keying the (2) with the 3/5/6 in the quinielas and I'll play the 2-all-1-all, 2-all-all-1, all-2-1-all & all-2-all-1 in the dime superfecta.

Race 11 - Grade D - 583 yard course - Here is a race where we have two of our five up and coming greyhounds for April, the (4) WINDY BONES and the (7) SLATEX MAC. Both of these youngsters have a strong rush to the turn and are capable of getting the win. I will play mostly quinielas here as I watch these two gain more experience as their young careers get ready to take off. I will play 4/7 several times in quinielas as well as a dime superfecta with the 47-all-47-all.

Race 17 - Grade AA - 583 yard course - This is the MONEYMAKER play of the evening and I'm going with the (8) DARK N DEMURE. She's a hard running female who gives %110 effort each time out and she has the early speed in which to clear the turn in good shape. The eight box gives her an excellent starting spot to go with her mid to wide running style. Last time in the eight box, in this same class, she won by five lengths. I will play the (8) in quinielas with the 1/4/7 and play her to win in the dime superfecta, 8-147-all-all & 8-all-147-all.

Good luck to everyone and thanks for reading.