SOUTHLAND Preview - Friday Evening, December 30

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MoneyMaker Mike

December 30th, 2016

Let's keep an eye on several longshots for Friday's evening performance at Southland as I look to find a few greyhounds who may be overlooked and who could put some extra cash in the pocket before the year runs out. I've listed several races below that I feel could do just that and help end the season  on a positive note. Catching a solid play on a greyhound going off at good odds can often be overlooked by the majority of the betting public and which can result in big tickets being cashed. Thanks for reading and best of luck with your wagering opportunities.
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Race 7 - 660 yards - Grade AA - CBJ CHEERLEADER (3 box) - She has gone off at over 10-1 in her last two races and does have the early speed in which to contend for the lead right out of the box.

Race 8 - 583 yards - Grade D - DNT BRIAN DUNPHY (8 box) - He's been off the track for a couple of months and is working hard to get back in form. Keep in mind this greyhound was running Grade A in late September so it's just a matter of time before he turns a huge effort in and it could be in this race and at good odds as well.

Race 18 - 660 yards - Grade D - TEMPEST (4 box) - This young greyhound has shown flashes of huge potential and I won't be a bit surprised to see him have a very good effort in this one. Yes, it's a longer distance then he's been used to running as this marks only the third time he's run the 660 course but he did give us a preview of his talent when he came home with a solid 3rd place finish the very first time he went this distance.