SOUTHLAND Preview - Monday twilight, February 23

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MoneyMaker Mike

February 22nd, 2015

On tap for Southland today are 18 exciting races and in going over the program I've pick out several that caught my attention and which I think offer good opportunities for us to put some cash in our pockets. Good luck to all and thanks for reading.

Race 8 - This is a Grade C contest over the 583 yard course and the pick is the (1) PJ WUDACUDASHUDA to make it two straight wins. He's a young pup with only six starts but in those races he has 6 top four finishes. The inside post has been good to him as he has had the 1 or 2 box in his last four races and he's come away with a win, a second and two third place efforts. He's got the position, he's shown some early speed as well as a good closing run so I'm going with him here. I'll play the (1) in quinielas with the 2/7/8.

Race 12 - Here is a Grade D race over the 583 yard course and I'm going with the (6) SOVEREIGN ABBEY as the key. She's a young greyhound with only six career starts but in those races she's already gotten a win and two second place finishes. She's shown good early speed as well as being able to close down the stretch. With a mid to wide running style, she's well posted for a good run here. I will play the (6) with the 4/7/9 in quinielas and I will put the (6) on top in the dime superfecta.

Race 16 - This is a Grade D contest over the 583 yard course and the choice here is the (1) WW SPARKS FLYING. This rail runner is posted well for her inside running style and she's much the class of this race so I'll play the (1) with the 6/7/9 in quinielas and tri's as well as playing the 1-all-8-all, 1-all-all-8, all-1-8-all & all-1-all-8 in the dime superfecta.

Race 2 - This Grade B contest over the 583 yard course is the MoneyMaker play of the evening and the choice is the (8) DEMO. I am going to give him a shot here as he is well posted in the 8 box for his mid to wide running style and he has shown that he's capable of some early speed so if he gets a quick and clean break has the potential to be the upset of the evening. I will play the (8) with the 3/4/7 in quinielas and come back with the 8-all-1-all, 8-all-all-1, all-8-1-all & all-8-all-1.

Good luck to everyone and thanks for reading.