SOUTHLAND Preview - Monday twilight, March 9

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MoneyMaker Mike

March 8th, 2015

Welcome to another Monday twilight session of 18 exciting and always entertaining greyhound races at Southland. In going over the program there were several contests that grabbed my attention and in going back over those races I picked out the ones I have listed below as solid wagering opportunities in which to put some extra cash in our pockets. Check them out and good luck to all and thanks for reading.

RACE 4 - 583 yard course - Grade D

(8) - KENRO BRATSK - Going with the young pup who is 7 out of 9 in top finishes in her short career. She's capable of decent early speed and with the eight box has a solid chance of hitting the lid and finding running room early and she does have two second place finishes from this same eight box she's drawn here. Play 8 with 1/3/5 in quinielas and add the 8-all-6-all, 8-all-all-6, all-8-6-all & all-8-all-6 in the dime superfecta ($12 bet).

RACE 6 - 660 yard course - Grade B

(7) - KL'S HARVEY - I like him to be in the chase thruout this race as he is more then capable of setting the pace with his strong early speed. Last season he had 12 top four finishes in 17 races which included 5 wins. He's yet to get a win in 2015 but he does have 6 more top four efforts in 11 races and even though he's going up against good competition in this outing, the fact he looks good to get the early lead gives me enough confidence to give him a shot, especially at the good odds I think he will go off at. I will play the (7) mostly in the quinielas with the 2/3/4/8 and I will come back in the dime superfecta and play the 2348/2348/7/12348 in case the (7) loses steam down the stretch and happens to run third..

RACE 8 - 703 yard course - Grade TD

(2) KR AMP ME UP is the choice here as he's been very consistent as of late as evidenced by the fact he's going for his eight straight top 3 finish in a row. His last 7 races have resulted in 3 second place efforts and 4 third place finishes and I look for him to get back on the winning track as he did have 7 wins last season at Southland. In my opinion he's the class of the race so I'm giving him a solid shot here. Play the (2) with the 3/4/8 in quinielas and then I'll play the dime superfecta with the 2-all-1-all, 2-all-all-1, all-2-1-all & all-2-all-1 ($12 bet).

RACE 10 - 703 yard course - Grade TAA

(3) RAPP is the MONEYMAKER MIKE pick of the evening and should go off at very good odds as he's in against some top quality greyhounds. That being said, I like the fact that in his 11 races at Southland since coming here from the Dubuque track, he has 10 top finishes including 3 wins while steadily moving up in class. He's a mid track runner with plenty of early speed so I am hoping he can have a clean break and find a running lane early. I'm willing to take a chance on a big payoff  here so not only will I play the (3) in the win pool I will also be putting him on top in the dime superfecta ($21). Sometimes you just feel like taking a chance on a big longshot and this is one of those times.

Good luck to everyone and thanks for reading.