Southland Preview - Razorback Classic Stakes Finals Set For Monday, May 25

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MoneyMaker Mike

May 22nd, 2015

The SOUTHLAND 2015 $40,000 RAZORBACK CLASSIC STAKES Finals and Consolation races are set for Monday, May 25 and will be the highlight of the holiday card. There were 96 greyhounds who entered this very competitive stakes contest over the 660 yard Razorback Course and the impressive Finals field is full of outstanding and very talented runners who will go paw to paw for the prestigious RAZORBACK CLASSIC STAKES CHAMPIONSHIP title.


Listed below are the greyhounds for both the Finals and the Consolation Races along with their points accumulated in the 4 previous rounds. Also listed below (in bold type) are the selections that MONEYMAKER MIKE picked to make the Finals. I made 8 picks back on May 3 that I thought would make the finals and the greyhound to win it all and I am pleased to announce that 4 of my selections are in the race and that includes my pick to win the title. Good luck to all the greyhounds and their connections in the chase for the championship. Again, this stakes championship final will be run on Monday, May 25.



Race 11

1: Ghostbuster - 41 points - Northshore Kennel

2: B's Headliner - 42 points - T and T Kennel

3: PJ'S REFINED - 55 points - Mike Harris Kennel

4: AJN Chris Bosh - 55 points - Mike Harris Kennel

5: SE'S CHARLIE - 39 points - Mike Harris Kennel

6: CBJ Tias Luv - 50 points - Mike Harris Kennel

7: OSHKOSH FANTASIA - 42 points - Charter Kennel

8: COUNSELOR - 38 points - Mike Harris Kennel - substitute - won tiebreaker - (my pick to win it all)


Razorback Classic  Consolation Race - listed in order of points - post positions will be posted soon

Souperdog  - 38 points - Northshore Kennel

PJ Yankees - 35 points - Plum Creek Kennel

Boc's Yohanblake - 32 points - Gloria Dorsey Kennel

Leslie Shay - 31 points - Plum Creek Kennel

Deacon Clayborne - 29 points - Plum Creek Kennel

TB's Sky Captain - 29 points - Charter Kennel

Slatex Waveen - 29 points - Robert Thorne, LLC

WW's Spark Plug - 28 points - Wayne R. Ward Kennel - substitute


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