SOUTHLAND Preview - Round 3 of the SPRING FUTURITY STAKES is in the books

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MoneyMaker Mike

April 22nd, 2015

The 3rd round is now history and the 2015 SOUTHLAND $20,000 SPRING FUTURITY STAKES contest has really heated up. The 4th round is scheduled for Saturday, April 25 with the finals set for Friday, May 1st. In the four stakes races yesterday, the favorite only won one time and with only two rounds left, the competition among the 32 remaining greyhounds has intensified considerably. MONEYMAKER MIKE's picks to make the finals had a tough go of it in the 3rd round but I still feel positive about their chances in round 4. Their results from yesterday are listed below and hopefully they will all have good efforts on Saturday, April 25. Good luck to all of the remaining greyhounds and their connections the rest of the way. Remember, the championship race is scheduled for Friday, May 1st.

2015 SOUTHLAND $20,000 SPRING FUTURITY STAKES Round 3 results.

Race 2 - SOVEREIGN ISLAND - finished 2nd

Race 4 - FLYING YAHOO - won the race

Race 4 - JJ'S TANGO - finished 7th

Race 4 - JOLIE OF RUCKUS - finished 4th

Race10- FLYING FIRED UP - finished 4th

Race17- ELLIE - finished 8th

Race17- JASPER OF RUCKUS - finished 7th

Race17- KL'S NO REGRETS - finished 6th

Good luck to everyone and thanks for reading.