SOUTHLAND preview - Wednesday, August 10

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MoneyMaker Mike

August 8th, 2016

Wednesday and Thursday's entries are in as we move on to week 2 of MoneyMaker Mike's short August kennel study that I'm doing this month. This week I will be following 3 more kennels and I have them listed below. I'm going to be keeping up with 3 or 4 different Southland kennels each week this month and checking their results from several days each week. People have often asked me if it pays off to keep up with the them and my answer is yes, it definitely can benefit you to pay attention to how well the different kennels might be running at any given time. It is always a good choice to keep a kennel chart close by during a performance in my opinion. This is a very short and unscientific study but keeping up with how the kennels are running on a daily basis is a worthwhile handicapping tool that you could use to your advantage. Remember that BetAmerica is your one stop wagering and racing information site that will gladly assist you in any way should you have any questions so please feel free to contact them. Best of luck to each of you in your wagering opportunities and thanks for reading.

KENNELS I will be following this week at Southland will be the Darren Henry Kennel, Magic City Kennel & Northshore Kennel. I will be checking these kennels out on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week using matinee, twilight and evening performances.

DARREN HENRY Kennel - Has 10 entries on Wednesday and 11 entries on Thursday.

NORTHSHORE Kennel - Has 7 entries on Wednesday and 11 entries on Thursday.

MAGIC CITY Kennel - Has 10 entries on Wednesday and 8 entries on Thursday.

Kennels followed last week (3 days / 4 performances).

Robert Thorne Lic. Kennel - 31 starts - 3 wins / 5 place finishes /4 show finishes / 4 fourth place efforts Legg Greyhound Kennel - 34 starts - 2 wins / 3 place finishes / 2 show finishes / 1 fourth place effort T and T Kennel - 41 starts - 6 wins / 3 place finishes / 4 show finishes / 7 fourth place efforts Plum Creek Kennel - 42 starts - 8 wins / 5 place finishes / 4 show finishes / 3 fourth place efforts