SOUTHLAND Preview - Wednesday, October 26

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MoneyMaker Mike

October 25th, 2016

This week at Southland I'll be taking a look at greyhounds who have at least a two race winning streak going, as some of you may remember I did a short study like this last year and the results turned out to be quite interesting. On Wednesday, there are three such greyhounds running that fit this criteria and who are looking to keep their winning streaks going and I've listed them below. I have also included a maiden race that has a young runner making her debut that looked good in her schooling efforts. Good luck to everyone with your wagering opportunities and remember that BetAmerica is always available should you have any questions. Thanks for reading.
Southland Greyhound Dogs

Race 3 - 583 yards - Grade M - MaryK Gwen - She doesn't have an official two race winning streak going as this will be her maiden debut but she does have 2 solid schooling wins showing so I thought I would include this race to see how she does.

Race 10 - 583 yards - Grade AA - NASHAPELLI  (1 box) - An extremely talented and hard running rail runner is going for 3 wins in a row and gets the coveted one box in which to do so.

Race 11 - 660 yards - Grade B - WW'S BISHOP  (2 box) - Trying to make it 3 wins in a row and working his way back up in class, this post position goes well with his inside running style.

Race 18 - 703 yards - Grade TAA - PJ PEYTONMANNING (1 box) - He's going for 4 wins in a row and despite being in a tough field, with him being a rail runner and having drawn the one box, I sure wouldn't be surprised to see him challenge for the win once again.