SOUTHLAND Recap - Tuesday, November 1

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MoneyMaker Mike

November 1st, 2016

Last week at Southland I took a short look in the twilight and evening races at those greyhounds who had at least a two race winning streak going. As some of you may remember I did a short study like this last year and the results turned out to be quite interesting and that turned out to be the case once again this time. I have listed a short recap below on how they did and as it turned out, only one of the 19 greyhounds was able to continue his winning streak and that was PJ CASHURTICKET who made it 3 straight wins this past Sunday. Good luck to everyone with your wagering opportunities and remember that BetAmerica is always available should you have any questions. Thanks for reading.
Southland Greyhound Track

There were 19 greyhounds that had at least two race winning streaks that I focused on and all happened to be Grade B runners and higher. The breakdown is listed below.

Grade TAA - 3 greyhounds - they ran 2nd twice and 6th once Grade AA - 7 greyhounds - they ran 2nd three times and fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh the other times Grade TA - 1 greyhound - ran 8th Grade A - 3 greyhounds - ran 2nd, fourth and sixth Grade B - 5 greyhounds - PJ CASHURTICKET - Won - his winning streak is now 3 in a row. The other greyhounds ran 3rd, 4th and 6th twice. There was also a Grade A runner who I listed who had one official win and a schooling win and who ran 3rd. There was also a Grade M runner who I listed who had won 2 schooling races in a row and was making their first official start and ran 6th.

As you can tell, only one of the 19 were able to keep his winning streak going and while this study was way too short and unscientific, it does give you an idea of just how tough the overall competition is at Southland Greyhound Park. It's very competitive in all grades at this track and especially true in the higher grades at Southland.

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