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May 21st, 2016

Highlighting Friday's greyhound racing action at Southland was the running of Round 2 of the 2016 RAZORBACK CLASSIC STAKES competition. While the favorites had another good round of stakes racing, there were several longshots who brought home a win. In fact, in the first race there was a 39 to 1 shot who pulled the huge upset and race 5 had a 16 to 1 surprising winner. The favorites did win their share however and with 3 more rounds to go to declare a champion, the remainder of this Razorback Classic stakes competition should be one heck of a paw to paw battle.  As I have said many times before, with all the many talented and strong running greyhounds at Southland it makes getting a win hard to do. When you add in a tough stakes completion, it's even harder. That being said, upsets happen all the time and while it's tougher in a stakes race I don't think we have seen the end of the big upsets in this tournament. Good luck to all the greyhounds the rest of the tournament. I have listed below my original picks and their Thanks for reading and best of luck with your wagering opportunities.


Round 1 - Sunday, May 15 - in the books Round 2 - Friday, May 20 - in the books Round 3 - Wednesday, May 26 Round 4 - Monday, May 30

FINALS - Saturday, June 4

MoneyMaker 's picks to make the finals, my pick to win it all and my longshot pick listed below along with their Round 1 and Round 2 results.

RUBBERBAND MAN - Round 1 - ran 2nd - Round 2 - ran 4th

EVOLVINGSITUAJHN - Round 1 - ran 4th - Round 2 - ran 2nd

BRASKA DALE - Round 1 - WON - Round 2 - ran 4th

OSHKOSH KID - my pick to win it all - Round 1 - WON - Round 2 - ran 5th

FLYING TIGERBABY - Round 1 - ran 8th - Round 2 - ran 7th

FLYING TREASURE - Round 1 - WON - Round 2 - WON

MEGA REVELATION - Round 1 - ran 3rd - Round 2 - WON

OSHKOSH FANTASIA - Round 1 - WON - Round 2 - ran 5th

MoneyMaker Mike's longshot pick

MOONLIGHT CRUSH - Round 1 - ran 3rd - Round 2 - ran 4th