Southland - Sunday, March 13

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MoneyMaker Mike

March 12th, 2016

Another very entertaining evening of greyhound racing at the Southland track as Round 2 of the 2016 SOUTHLAND "HOUND MADNESS STAKES" was run on Friday, March 11. There were 64 talented and hard running greyhounds entered in this tremendously exciting stakes event and after Friday evening's Round 2 competition, the field has now been reduced to 16. Back at the start of this stakes contest, I had selected 8 greyhounds who I thought had the best chances to make the quarterfinals and I also selected who I thought would be the eventual champion along with a greyhound to keep an eye on during the contest. I always do this before the different stakes racing starts as I like to follow my picks thru the rounds to see how I do. These selections are listed below and I will continue to update this stakes competition during each round. The next round of the 2016 HOUND MADNESS STAKES is Wednesday, March 16. Always remember that BETAMERICA is just a click away for your wagering opportunities or for any questions or comments you may have. Thanks for reading and good luck.

SOUTHLAND 2016 HOUND MADNESS Stakes - MoneyMaker Mike's picks to make the quarterfinals and my pick to win it all. I've also included my pick to keep an eye on.

Listed below are the updated stakes results as of March 12. Four of the eight picks were able to advance to the third round and both my pick to win it all and my pick to keep an eye have advanced as well. One of the picks was a winner, SE TALI SUNDANCE. Round 3 of this stakes competition will be run on Wednesday, March 16.

West Region finals - SE TALI SUNDANCE - CHASMO'S DUTCH - both have advanced to the 3rd round

Midwest Region finals - RUBBERBAND MAN - FLYING FIRED UP - Rubberband Man eliminated in 2nd round. FLYING FIRED UP has advanced to the 3rd round. East Region finals - CHASMO'S DIESEL - PJ REFINED -  Chasmo's Diesel eliminated in the 2nd round. PJ REFINED has advanced to the 3rd round.

South Region finals - NASHAPELLI - FIESTA PARAGUAS - Nashapelli eliminated in 1st round. Fiesta Paragus eliminated in 2nd round.

MoneyMaker Mike's pick to win it all - CHASMO'S DUTCH - has advanced to the 3rd round

MoneyMaker Mike's one to keep an eye on - AMF SLEEKSTRANGR - has advanced to the 3rd round