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MoneyMaker Mike

February 26th, 2016

Welcome to another Southland monthly preview of the Five Up & Coming Young Greyhounds To Watch. March's selections consist of several hard running youngsters that have started their careers with some impressive wins and strong finishes. The only requirement that I use in selecting the 5 up and coming young greyhounds to watch each month is that they have had no more then 10 official starts prior to being selected. Please check back as every two months or so I will give updates on the progress of our selections. Good luck to everyone and thanks for reading.

AXEN JACKSON - Grade C - 4 starts - 2-1-0-0 - A mid-track runner with a big rush to the turn and a strong closing move down the stretch makes him one of the choices for this month's 5 & Up Coming greyhounds at Southland. He was impressive in his schooling runs and started his young career off with 2 straight wins and a second place finish before being bumped and finishing out of the money in his last race.

LET'S GET IT - Grade C - 3 starts - 2-1-0-0 - She's quick out of the box, likes the rail and already steadily moving up in class. In all three of her official starts, and in both schooling races, she's been both the leader going into the first turn as well as being in front as they head down the stretch. I like a greyhound who can hit the lid and avoid trouble as the field rounds the first turn and she's been able to do just that by finding a clear running lane right from the start. Next race - Friday afternoon - February 26 - Grade C - 583 yards - 1 box

NAWLIDGE - Grade M - 2 starts - 0-2-0-0 - A young greyhound who appears to have an inside running style, he's shown very good early speed in the first two starts of his career (both 2nd place finishes). With that combination, and the fact that he won both his schooling races, I will definitely keep a watch on this one over the coming months. Next race - Friday afternoon, February 26 - Grade M - 583 yards - 3 box

PJ HOLD MY OWN - Grade B - 6 starts - 3-0-2-1 - Talk about an impressive start to her career, in 6 races so far she's finished in the top four all 6 times which already includes 3 wins. She's now running in Grade B after the three straight wins and will be looking to make in 4 in a row next time out. Seems to have an inside running style and has shown the ability to win from mid and outside post positions as well. Early speed as well as a strong run late, this talented young pup has yet to be run down after she has gotten the lead.

WHODATHUNKIT - Grade C - 7 starts - 2-3-1-1 - He's 7 out of 7 in top four finishes and has looked solid in each of his starts. Looks like he can run from anywhere on the track and with decent early speed, a good rush and even a nice late closing move, he's deserving of keeping an eye on in the future. Next race - Friday evening -February 26 - Grade C - 583 yards - race 13 - 3 box