SOUTHLAND's 2014 Festival Of Stakes Round 2 continues Wednesday

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MoneyMaker Mike

October 15th, 2014

By MoneyMaker Mike

The 2014 Southland Festival Of Stakes greyhound racing continues Wednesday with Round 2 highlighting the twilight program. There are 16 stakes contests in the 18 races and it will be paw to paw action from start to finish with some of the best greyhounds in the country going after the 6 Division titles. Last week I gave out my picks on the greyhounds I felt would make the finals of each division as well as picking a winner in each one. I will keep you updated on each round as we move along to the finals on October 31st. Good luck to all and thanks for reading.

Round 2 - October 15

Race 1 - 820 yard course- Super Marathon Division

Race 2 - 660 yard course - Middle Distance Division

Race 3 - 703 yard course - Marathon Division

Race 4 - 820 yard course - Super Marathon

Race 5 - 660 yard course - Middle Distance

Race 6 - 660 yard course - Middle Distance

Race 7 - 820 yard course - Super Marathon

Race 8 - 703 yard course - Marathon

Race 9 - 660 yard course - Middle Distance

Race11 - 660 yard course - Middle Distance

Race12 - 703 yard course - Marathon

Race13 - 660 yard course - Middle Distance

Race15 - 703 yard course - Marathon

Race16 - 660 yard course - Middle Distance

Race17 - 703 yard course - Marathon

Race18- 820 yard course - Super Marathon

Listed below are MoneyMaker Mike's picks to make the finals in each division and his pick to win each division and their result from Round 1. All these picks were made prior to the October 10th/11th first round races.

Super Marathon - pick to win it all - KR ALL AMPED UP - won first round race

Flying Onlooker - finished 5th

GS Anthony -        finished 3rd

GS Sidney -           finished 3rd

Kiowa Groom -    won first round race

Kiowa Tree Red - finished 6th

Kiowa Tree White-finished 5th

RC Holdingspride-won first round race


Marathon - pick to win it all -           KL's CHRISTOPHER - won first round race

Barts Onajourney - finished 3rd

Boc's Blast Off -       finished 6th

Boc's Yohanblake -  finished 2nd

Flying War Wager - finished 4th

Lk's Express Run -   finished 7th

L's Flaco -                  finished 6th

Leatherman -           finished 4th


Middle Distance -pick to win it all - TOPLINE DRIVE - finished 2nd

Kiowa Abby Monk -finished 3rd

Kiowa Jared -           finished 3rd

Magic Veriozon -     finished 8th

Mega Novus -           finished 6th

O Ya Happy -            finished 3rd

Rck Fantasia -          finished 3rd

Ww Wise Up -          won first round race