Southland's $25,000 HOUND MADNESS STAKES Finals Are Set for Friday Evening, March 31

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March 28th, 2017

It was almost 4 weeks ago that 64 hard running greyhounds took to the track in their quest to be crowned the 2017 Southland HOUND MADNESS Champion and this coming Friday, March 31 all racing fans will get to see the remaining two runners go head to head for the coveted title. After 5 very competitive rounds and many exciting paw to paw battles, the Finals are now set with CLASSY WOLVERINE matched up with FLYING WOLF PACK making it an all Lester Raines Kennel stakes final. This $25,000 Hound Madness Stakes has seen its share of upsets and surprises but after all the dust has settled, Southland has these two very talented greyhound which are both well deserving of having a shot at another storied part of Southland greyhound racing history. Best of luck to each of them and congratulations to the Lester Raines Kennel and all their connections as these two battle for the championship on Friday evening, March 31. Listed below are their records for the 2017 season and what they were seeded in their respective regions at the start of the stakes contest. It should be one heck of a finals race so be sure not to miss it.
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HOUND MADNESS STAKES FINALS - Friday evening, March 31

CLASSY WOLVERINE - 1st seed - 2017 record - 15 starts - 5-4-1-2

FLYING WOLF PACK - 6th seed - 2017 record - 14 starts - 4-2-3-2