SOUTHLAND'S 5 Up & Coming Young Greyhounds to watch for in August

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MoneyMaker Mike

August 18th, 2016

Welcome to another Southland monthly preview of the Five Up & Coming Young Greyhounds To Watch. August's selections consist of some hard running youngsters that have started their careers with some impressive wins and a few that are just hitting the track. There were quite a few greyhounds that had credentials to make this list and the choices were certainly tough to make but I believe the selections below all have the potential to be Southland stars. Two of this month's selections are littermates and from the Ryan Farm Kennel. As many of our regular readers probably know, the only requirement that I use in selecting the 5 up and coming young greyhounds to watch each month is that they have had no more then 10 official starts prior to being selected. I try to give updates on the progress of these selections every few months so be sure to check back for those. I will have a recap of the past few months choices in a week or so, be sure to check back for that. Thanks for reading and good luck with your wagering opportunities. Please remember that BetAmerica is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about wagering online.

ARKANS SL MAC - 8 starts - 3-0-2-2 - He's already worked his way up in class to Grade B and has 7 top four finishes in 8 starts and that includes 3 wins. An inside runner with a good rush to the turn and a big late closing move, he's got the potential to be a solid top grade runner in his future.

CLOUD JUMPER - 4 starts - 1-1-1-1 - A fine looking pup sired by Golden Squire gets my attention and is already showing potential to be a darn good greyhound. Has 4 top four finishes and is in presently running in Grade D. Looks like he may have an inside running preference but does show solid efforts from the mid-track part of the track. Keep an eye on this one for sure over the next few months.

DEFIANT GRIN - 1 start - 1-0-0-0 - He's one of two Ryan Farm Kennel pups on this month's 5 Up & Coming Young greyhounds to watch and has certainly been impressive so far in his very short career. Had 3 schooling efforts, won 2 of them and finished 2nd in the other, follows that up with a win in his first official start. A rail runner with tons of early speed, don't overlook him as he works his way up in class. Next race - Friday afternoon - August 19 - Race 4 - box 8 - Grade D

IRKSOME - 1 start - 1-0-0-0 - She's a rail runner with a ton of early speed and after coming off 3 solid schooling runs, wins her first official start by going box to wire. She is the other Ryan Farm Kennel pup on this month's 5 Up & Coming Young greyhounds to watch and with a start like this, her future looks bright indeed. Next race - Friday afternoon, August 19 - Race 2 - box 1 - Grade D

ME NO STINKY - 1 start - 1-0-0-0 - Schooled well and won his first official start coming from behind after encountering trouble. A nice rush to go along with a strong late move, this mid-track runner has performed solidly from the moment he hit the track. Worth keeping an eye on for sure. Next race - Friday afternoon - August 19 - Race 2 - box 8 - Grade D