SOUTHLAND's 5 Up & Coming Young Greyhounds to Watch for in June

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June 9th, 2016

Welcome to another Southland monthly preview of the Five Up & Coming Young Greyhounds To Watch. June's selections consist of several hard running youngsters that have started their careers with some impressive wins and who bear watching in their futures. There were quite a few greyhounds that had credentials to make this list and the choices were certainly tough to make. As many of our regular readers probably know, the only requirement that I use in selecting the 5 up and coming young greyhounds to watch each month is that they have had no more then 10 official starts prior to being selected. I try to give updates on the progress of these selections every few months so be sure to check back for those. I will have a recap of the past few months choices in a week or so, be sure to check back for that. Thanks for reading and good luck with your wagering opportunities. Please remember that BetAmerica is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about wagering online.

DUTCH BADBOY - 6 starts - 3-2-0-0 - running in Grade B at this time. He looks to be an extremely talented pup who can run from any box and from anywhere on the track. With a huge rush early he will tend to always be in contention as they round the first turn and his record shows that even though he's just begun his racing career. He may favor a mid to wide running style as time goes on but he's proved to be more than capable running on the inside as well. Next race - Friday matinee, June 10 - 9th race - 7 box

LETS GOTO MINKYS - 3 starts - 0-3-0-0 - running in Grade M at this time. This young female greyhound has had 3 official starts and has run second in each one of them. She's an inside runner with a big rush to the turn and has already shown solid consistency early in her career. Always within striking distance and deserves consideration on your ticket as she starts working her way up in class. Next race - Friday matinee, June 10 - 3rd race - 4 box

OSHKOSH BUBBY - 7 starts - 4-1-1-1 - running in Grade A at this time. Wow, talk about an impressive young greyhound, look no further then this very talented pup who is already running in Grade A and is 7 out of 7 in top four finishes with 4 big wins. He's shown good early speed and a nice rush as well as an occasional late move,  all of which bodes well for him in his greyhound racing future. It will be interesting to watch him as he goes paw to paw at Southland with some of the best greyhounds in the nation. I think he will be able to hold his on so be sure to keep an eye on this one.

PJ DOPAMINE - 1 start - 1-0-0-0 - running in Grade D at this time. An inside running style with a strong rush to the turn puts him in contention, his kick down the backstretch and far turn has him in the lead and pulling away or challenging for the win down the stretch. He won a schooling race by 10 1/2 lengths and in his first official start, wins by 12 1/2 lengths. Say what you want, this young greyhound looks like the real deal indeed. Next race - Friday matinee, June 10 - 12th race - box 1

PJ PEYTONMANNING - 1 start - 1-0-0-0 - running in Grade D at this time.  Big potential for this pup, ran two schooling races and won them both. Ran one official race, won that as well. Appears to have lots of early speed and also kicks it in gear coming down the stretch. We will find out more about him as he gains experience with each start but so far, so good. Next race - Friday evening, June 10 - 12th race - box 7

June's selections were tough and worthy of a few honorable mentions to watch for.

BRASKA MUGSY - 4 starts - 2-1-0-0

VJ BET ON ME - 7 starts - 3-0-1-2

VJ ON THE RIVER - 6 starts - 2-2-0-2