SOUTHLAND's 5 Up & Coming Young Greyhounds to Watch

MoneyMaker Mike

January 11th, 2017

In the time I've been doing these monthly write-ups on Southland's 5 Up & Coming Greyhounds I can't remember ever having such a talented group of runners in which to choose from. There are usually 5 to 10 young greyhounds that stand out but this month's list was nearly double that. In fact, I will have an honorable mention of those who could have been selected listed after the 5 that were chosen. Southland is certainly well stocked for the future with young and talented greyhounds like these listed below who are more than ready to showcase their abilities. The potential these young runners have is bright indeed and racing fans at West Memphis, as well as thru out the country should enjoy watching their careers develop.
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BARTS IM JOEKOOL - 2 starts - 2-0-0-0 - Two schooling starts, two schooling wins which were followed by two official starts and two wins in those as well. Has a ton of early speed to go along with his inside running style. Next race - Wednesday,  January 11 - Grade C - 583 yards - 11th race - 2 box

CHARLIE CHAN - 7 starts - 3-3-0-1 - Off to a great start and is 7 out of 7 in top four finishes with 3 wins already. Has a good rush and a late kick to boot, add this to his inside running tendency and you have the basis for a strong and solid future with this one. Next race - Thursday,  January 12 - Grade B - 583 yards - 15th race - 3 box

PAY TREE IT - 5 starts - 3-2-0-0 - Five out of five in the quiniela shows just how consistent he has been in his young career and there's no reason for the good success not to continue. A big rush and a strong closing run to go along with his mid-track running style will take him a long way as he continues to move up in class. Running in Grade B now.

PJ BIG REFUND - 1 start - 1-0-0-0 - Impressive pup for sure as he won both his schooling contests by 7 and 10 lengths and followed that up with a 6 length win in his first and only official start. A huge rush to the turn to go along with a strong move from the backstretch to the finish line makes him a threat each time out in the near future. Next race - Wednesday, January 11 - Grade D - 583 yards - 6th race - 7 box

TYRONE MEIRS - 1 start - 1-0-0-0 - A rail runner who won both schooling races and then promptly goes out and wins his first official start by an impressive 9 lengths. Has a big strong run early which makes him worthy of keeping an eye on in the coming months. Next start will be in Grade D.