Southland's Oaks Maddy Makes the Field for the BETAMERICA DAYTONA 550 Championship on Saturday, January 21

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MoneyMaker Mike

January 5th, 2017

The 2017 BETAMERICA DAYTONA 550 Championship race is set and Southland's OAKS MADDY has made the field. This very talented and hard running female from the GLORIA DORSEY Kennel was a two time stakes champion at Southland in last year winning both the ARKANSAS BRED SPRINT and the KINGS & QUEEN stakes. She was also a finalist in the 2016 Southland Derby. In 60 starts last season, she had a record of 22-5-7-6 which has her with 40 top four finishes and keep in mind that 58 of these races came in Grade AA at the West Memphis track. After going up against some of the best greyhound competition in the country on a weekly basis it gives her a solid shot to win the National Championship race in Daytona Beach on Saturday, January 21. The field is listed below and best of luck to OAKS MADDY and the Gloria Dorsey Kennel in their quest for the National Championship.
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OAKS MADDY - Southland

SELDOM TOLD - Orange Park

GT'S GIN N JUICE - Derby Lane

RF RIVER - Mardi Gras - Iowa Greyhound Park

MARTHA MACCALLUM - Naples - Fort Myers

KINDA CRUEL RED - Wheeling - Palm Beach



Varoom Esme & Mac's Harewood were originally chosen for the field but both have been scratched and replaced by Kentucky Kat & Jd Accomplice.