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February 12th, 2020

Rolling into February 2020 our selected features action, on a steady positive roll, is once again loaded with hot prospects to win and connected to Power Plays (PoP). Do your own handicapping and respect our off-the-beaten-track opinions to spike your to your cashing.

The four-seasons long H2W (horses-to-watch) list offers selections that unearth great additions for bettors with sharp finishers for win, place, show and most single- or multi-exotic races.



Pompano / Races 1, 4, 7, 8
Thursday / Feb. 13

Our popular Wallyword feature continues with its fifth week. We open the week’s features group with more selections that try to beat horses by Pompano’s top drivers, Wally Hennessey. So far, Wally has sprinkled his wins through the programs, still succeeding with favorite low prices, while we choose to beat him with our outsider choices for the wins and to add money to exotics.

Race 1
A short field is always a plus for Wallyworld favorites, so he may be aboard Vicki All from the rail. From the outside, though, price and purpose leads us to Roger Pray It, in only his third race of the season.

Race 3
There are only five here and that gives us a definite play—Rompaway Beau. Don Harmon’s trotter is the freshest here and has already knocked on the winning door with a sharp second.

Race 4
Wally is listed early on three pacers and may be choosing the stat-best Caleb’s Diamond T. Fine with us; we’re on JP Silver from the rail. He has a great shot to benefit from two horses here that may battle themselves to losses.

Race 7
A quintet of pacers go in a race worthy only of betting for the sake of our gimmick. JBs Boomerang debuts for the year for Bryce Fenn sitting in a perfect spot to be ignored by bettors to the tune of a better price than expected from a horse in a short field.

Race 8
Two pacers are available to Wally in this nine-horse event. Lyons Johnny could be ignored for his best mile time, which is a lost-leader, so to speak. He can win faster here.


Yonkers / Races 4, 6, 9
Friday / Feb. 14

Here are some horses for Yonkers’ track’s exotics (check your programs, they are sprinkled all over the pages) that may afford your tickets some fair prices. Still, do not leave out win bets for those going to post as outsiders.

Race 4
Ari Allstar is the current focus in the barn of trainer Carl Tirella. Last week, “Ari” raced well from post 6, starting slowly, losing ground, then making up some, then losing some, then finishing fifth from closing late. At 29-1, Ari ended just behind the first four finishers that were within a length of each other. It’s a bit of a step up, since the field involves two claiming prices. Ari gets post 2 and should get an easier trip than last time, making endurance lesser of an issue, if at all one.

Race 6
We usually do not choose horses coming off of wins in a selected feature race, but Slick Artist A will be a rare exception. A winning favorite, Slick Artist A steps up off of that race at Yonkers and against slightly better here may offer a decent price and is certainly bound to be an exotic benefit to combos. Trainer Darran Cassar has this gal in a good groove. Her win was a fraction-controlled wire-to-wire effort that signaled she can go much faster. In this group, Slick Artist A cannot be denied.

Race 9
Lance Hudson is slowly bringing back a few from last year. Among them is Glenferrie Blade A, who starts mid-pack in this conditioned pace. Lance qualified her at Pocono but brought her right to his home track for a 2020 debut. She held sway in her Pocono qually, finishing best of the rest to a sharp pacer winning wire-to-wire and finishing 6 lengths in front. The extra turn may actually be a plus for this Aussie-bred, who should offer some good coin for a win, as well as pump up exotic combos.


Pocono / Races 4, 6, 11
Saturday / Feb. 15

Here are some horses for the Pennsylvania track’s exotics (check your programs, they are sprinkled all over the pages) that may afford your tickets some fair prices. Still, do not leave out win bets for those going to post as outsiders.

Race 4
Defeating Freshette Hanover will look near impossible to the majority of bettors investing in this trot but the possibility of cashing on Trixar is a better bet. The well-bred trotter is coming off of a strong qualifier for trainer William Mullin. She rolled along with a smooth gait in second and was passed late, finishing fourth with no effort to push the result. This first start of the season could start a money-making streak.

Race 6
There is a rush by drivers to steer Andrew Harris’ Smokee Mirrors in this trot. He was the tight three-way choice of the public but broke at the gate and was useless there on in. That one is easily dismissed and the public won’t be fooled and the price will be affected.

Our angle here is the trainer change for Hey Jock, from Dirk Simpson to Rene Allard. Hey Jock hardly moved his legs in his first Pocono event last week at 9-1. That is a toss out for us considering Allard takes over the schooling and the driving.

Race 11
Alex Tye qualified well  for Amber Buter and put the performance into action on Feb. 8 with a smart closing mile at 15-1 between two public choices. Though the mile style may not come in the same form, Alex Tye is up for getting a good start this season and could pop in his second race of the season.

H2W Legend

Review our choices and confirm the wagers available at the prescribed track. H2W offers possible contenders researched from reviewing races. Horses’ names are listed beneath the name of the track with the date of their race and the race number (R6 ) follows. If a + is in front of a horse’s name, it appears on the list for the second time (horses are listed twice only if, at first, they failed to win. An “ae” signals also-eligible. Types of wagers to make are based on your judgment.


2/15/20, Fern Hill Breeze R2; +Duneside Sport R3; JV Alert R10; Stonebridge Guard R10

2/15/20, +Outrageousdelight n R7
2/13/20, Last Gunfighter R7; +Bo Mach R10; +Safensound Hanover R13; +Goldberg R14
2/17/20, Northwest Yankee R7

2/13/20, +Balfast N R1

2/13/20, Honor Me R4
2/14/20, +Raising Kerckhaert R3; R Sam R5; Ginger Spice N R8
2/15/20, +Its Just Too Much R2; Officer Blue Chip R9

2/15/20, +The First Step R3

2/14/20, Owen R1; Dylan Sam R1; Mr Moiselle R3; Innocent Victim R4; Better Scoot N R5

2/14/20, Atlas Peak R4; Pull The Shade R8; Cinderella Delight R11; Hypnotic Play R11
2/15/20, Sugar Island R11; Picard A R12

2/13/20, +Eagle Ford R2; +Nippy R3; +Victory Singer R10; J-bird Hanover R7; Ive Got Spirit R9

2/15/20, Bad Medicine R4; +Scarlet Desire R5; +Vow To Wow R6

2/15/20, +Mcboogitty R1; +BJs Guy R1; +Winning Gene R8; +Heartbeat Hill R13

2/13/20, Photo Master R1
2/16/20, +Ira Chief R1; +Garretts Guide R3; +Grand Galop Semalu R4; +Spanish Art R6; +Fritzie Pic Up Man R7

2/13/20, +Blue Magic R5; +Full Rights R8
2/14/20, +Ambro Courage N R11; +Doctor Butch R12
2/17/20, Captain Malicious R10