Sprint Classic Round 3

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Kelly Clark

July 25th, 2016

The field has been trimmed down and only the best of the best moved on to the third round of the 2016 $20,000 bestbet Sprint Classic. With only one greyhound with back to back wins, the points are spread out all over the place and a cool 19 additional ones in round 3 could secure you a prime spot heading into the semis. Loads of talent still on tap as there are previous stakes winners, previous stakes finalists, and even last year’s winner still within the ranks. Let’s take a look at the remaining 4 fields of greyhounds and see just who is going to succeed tonight.

Monday evening July 25th, 2016

Third Round of 2016 bestbet Sprint Classic

Race 7 – Post plays a key role in who is going to come out on top in this first field of qualifiers on Monday evening. With loads of early speed in this one, this greyhound might not be in front early on, but will find a way to get it done at the finish line. Look for Julian Of Ruckus to lead the pack from the start, she has loads of early foot, but late she has been short in both of her efforts in the stakes so far. More of the same in this race as I expect Ww’s Gypsumclear to come out on top. Loving this rail post position, you know 2 wins in his last 2 races from this box, he will break well, stalk the pace throughout, and get up in time for the win. Also coming late and threatening the early lead should be the talented closers Hey Pretty Baby and Kc’s Tess who both have been in the trifecta in all of the rounds of the stake so far. If any of them get loose early on, we could see a shake up in the ranks at the wire. (1-7-3-2)

Race 9 – Another high contested event here in the 9th as the early foot and the late drivers will lock up horns again at the finish line. The front end should be reserved early on for last year’s winner Cj’s Colin, who looked like his old self in round 2, but he won’t be alone there. Another resurging greyhound is Ww’s Lost Girl and either of these two have the break and rush to take command of this effort if the mood suits them. Both are short late though and that will cost them again in this effort. Real Good Feelin put up a stellar effort in round 2 and looks to back that up with another in this race. No lead is safe and I think it might just come down to a photo to separate them at the wire on this occasion. Don’t miss out on Pat C Dashboard either. Another strong closer that seems to be in the mix in almost every start. (3-8-6-4)

Race 10 – More of the same as we get another great tough field of greyhound to pick from in the first half of the forced out Twin-Trifecta. Here experience holds the key to success for me. Pullanallnighter has about everything going for her in this effort. She has found her break again, she is posted outside where she will get room to run, the greyhound next to her will sit in the box and once on, or near the early lead, she will do what needs to be done to win. The only greyhound keeping her from the front end will be Cj’s Sadie. Sadie is the best early speed greyhound at the racetrack and will most likely be in the lead in this race, but like most, she is so short late that she will get caught once again. The post, the 1 box, helps, but it won’t be enough for a win in this one. This isn’t as cut and dry as you think. Huge closer Charlie Bale is in this effort and his round 2 win was ultra-impressive. No lead is safe if he wants to run, and if he can stay out of trouble and get around cleanly, he might just catch them all before the finish line. Talking about also maybe’s, we have to include the other sprint stakes winner Ln Houdini in the mix too. The best time in round 1, followed up by an even effort in round 2. Here the post might help, he blazed the trail in 30.16, 4 starts back from the rail, but will need to find a break and room early if he wants to contend again tonight. (8-4-2-1)

Race 11 – Now for the undefeated part of our program. Hey Hey Daddy might not have been the greyhound from DQ Williams that you would have thought to be undefeated in the stakes, but she is. Currently she has won 3 in a row, and 4 of 5, and has looked sharp in each and every one of those victories. From the lead, or from off the pace, she has not been letting up at all in the later stages of her efforts. To say that this greyhound is determined is an understatement. She will be tested once again in this race as this talented field will look to stop the streak in its tracks in this effort. Battling throughout once again should be Kc’s Todd. A great early speed greyhound from a great post, should be enough to see him make the lead in this effort. His problem here, like it was in the last race, is that he is just not strong enough to hold off Daddy late in the race. All in all, another strong trip, just next best here. Watch for the closer Lee Tuco to be a factor, especially from the rail, once again in this race. Six races back he started in red and blew the doors off the field. If he wants to move beyond that pair of place finishes in the stakes, he is going to have to come out running in this effort. He has the tools, just needs to step up at the start if he wants to upset the field. Never look past Ww’s Sammy either. This mult-stakes finalist is always tough around the lead and can be special on occasion when she gets loose. Here the 4 box is a bit from her beloved rail, but she can fix all the early if she gets out of the starting box. This first round winner is looking for another in this effort, and could be the streak breaker if she can see the lead early on in this effort. (6-2-1-4)

The semi-finals of the 2016 $20,000 bestbet Sprint Classic will run on Saturday evening July 30th at bestbet Jacksonville. The field will be trimmed down again and only the top 24 greyhounds will have a shot at one of the 8 spots in the finals.