Stacked Weekend at Bestbet Jacksonville

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Kelly Clark

November 18th, 2016

Another great weekend of racing is ahead of us here at bestbet Jacksonville. Tons of talent will be laced throughout the feature races on the weekend, including recent stakes winner Seldom Told moving back to 550 yards. They are several solid bets and spot plays, so grab some cash, some friends and join us this weekend at bestbet Jacksonville.

Let’s take a closer look at the races and see if we can get some green to take home with you.

Friday evening –

Race 7 – Post matters most in this effort as Shoot To Thrill loves the outside and will make the most of this post. Won last time out from here, look for him to score at the wire. He will have to catch a talented bunch to get it done though. Flying rose is a red hot early speed solid grade A that could wire this field as well. Throw in steady chasing solid grade A Boc’s Andross, and former stakes finalist Idaho Kinky and you have yourself a highly competitive race. (8-2-6-4)

Race 9 – Another race chalk full of talent. Another DQ greyhound in the 8 box and another winner in my opinion. Solid grade A, Miss Marge, won last time out from this post and has been in the trifecta in 5 of 6 trips. Pressing her throughout will be the box breaking speedsters Ww’s Holy Grail and Pullanallnighter, who have both been stakes finalists in the past. With could wire the field if they hit the lid and decide to go. Don’t forget C Ville Kato either, as she will be a closing threat as they approach the wire. (8-5-3-7)

Race 10 – Big names dot the 10th race on the card, and I might not be picking who you think I should here. Ww’s Sammy has been red hot since returning, winning 3 of 4 in near box to wire fashion, and tonight from a great rail post, she will be unabated to the lead, and she does it again. That is if she can hold off the mighty Charlie Bale late. Charlie can run anyone down, but the 1 box, and loads of early speeders are not his friend. He will come flying late and just miss here. Kiowa Pinot Noir will also come late tonight, and early Sammy will have to deal with the early speed of Waubun Ole Lady. (2-1-5-3)

Race 15 – Orange Park Derby winner, and All-American, Seldom Told is back over 550 and he gets the 8 box to boot. This field will be no match for this red hot runner as I expect this one to get ugly before the finish line. If there is a lock on the weekend, THIS IS IT! He may have to come from off the pace to get things done though as early speeder, and BB Sprint Stakes winner, Cj’s Colin will bomb the box and set the pace early on. Surrendering late, he settles for next best. Other contenders include solid grade A gradual closer Ln Bryce Petty, and the well posted back in grade A runner Going Steady. (8-1-5-2)

Saturday matinee –

Race 7 – A strong pair of back to back winners here, but one has a bit more experience than the other on does. Godzilla Who has won 2 in a row in grade A and that is a little tougher than winning that super pup Pat C Ramblin has done in grades C and B. Both can go, both break, both are tough on the lead. This could be a battle royal from the get go. Watch out for the inside too. Solid grade A’s Tnt Below Zero, who won his last effort, will be tough and Superior Hearns might not win, but should be a good closing play under on your tickets. (5-4-3-2)

Race 11 – Yet another streaking greyhound, Ram Big Dan T has won 2 races in a row and three of his last 4 starts. He has been firsing out fast and outrushing everyone to the front end. Once his nose is in front, he has been extra tough. Look for another big break and for him to control this race throughout. Pursuing the leader late and making it interesting in the deep stretch will be solid grade A Kane’s mini, who has 5 superfecta finishes in 6 starts, the ideally posted Pat C Zip Code, and the all out late running threat Sassy’s Brandy. (4-7-1-6)

Saturday evening –

Race 7 – Sometimes everything falls in place and that is just what is happening for Kanes Bubba in this effort. She loves this post, she has great closing speed, and she has an experience edge over most of this field. Three great races in a row from the outside, this 7 box gets her over the edge tonight. Another posted up experience greyhound is Atascocita Danty wo won big last time out from the same 1 box he has in this effort. Both greyhounds will have to catch the speedy box breaker Gs Viola if they want to win, well that is if she wants to break and run early, and don’t sleep on Foolish Chester either. Late speed is his game and he will make a challenge in the stretch. (7-8-1-6)

Race 11 – Stakes winner time in race 11. The other DQ stakes winner is running this weekend too. Hey Hey Daddy was the winner of the 2016 bestbet Sprint Classic, and even though he didn’t like 660, he has shown that he has not forgotten how to win at 550. With 4 victories in 6 races, and 6 straight trips in the trifecta, he will be the favorite to win this race, especially from the 2 box. Trying to ruin his plans will be the impressing ship in, with blazing early speed, Pat C Bo Bo. This greyhound has not missed the quiniela yet and has 3 wins in 4 races. Keep an eye out for the early speeding solid grade A Kelsey Ann, and the big closing finally back in grade A runner Beachin. (2-5-4-8)

Race 15 – Over to 660 in the nightcap and like the rest of the weekend, we have a talented field that can provide is with a humdinger of a race to watch and wager on. Ok so here we go out on the limb. LOL! Omega Point is a greyhound that started out at Southland before heading to Palm Beach and then on to Orange Park. This greyhound can run 660 for sure and fell last time out. I expect him to break better and make a splash in this effort. If he doesn’t show up, let’s count on the mainstays to do something. Kk Whitezin was the point leader in the Orange Park Derby and finished 4th in the finals. She is totally capable of the win. Gs Hal also was in the finals, and won his last race back with ease on the front end. Pat C Dashboard might not have the name, but has not missed the superfecta in 6 straight races over the distance. (3-2-5-6)

Sunday matinee –

Race 11 – Last but not least, on the weekend, Lee Raven heads up this field on talented runners. A great breaker in the best box leads to more success for Raven. Winning 3 races in a row, and 4 of the last 5 starts, Raven keeps the winning ball rolling on in this effort. Making her work for the win will be all around tough former stakes runner Sheezsohot, along with the back home over 550 threat Boc’s Luigi, and the talented pup Easi Ted who has four 2nd place efforts in his last 6 starts. (8-6-5-3)