Sunday's Southland greyhound action will be highlighted by Round 4 of the Southland Derby

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MoneyMaker Mike

June 25th, 2016

The 2016 SOUTHLAND DERBY is running Round 4 on Sunday and it's sure to be the highlight of the afternoon racing card, especially after all the upsets that happened in Round 3. There are 4 races featuring 32 hard running and talented greyhounds competing for the elusive title of champion. This stakes competition kicked off on Saturday, June 11 with 88 greyhound entries vying for the SOUTHLAND DERBY title this season and with the field reduced to 32, the paw to paw action will definitely be tougher. With 3 extremely competitive rounds having been run, and with several surprise winners able to pull off upsets, these last two rounds should be a battle royal to decide the champion. This is the next to last stakes championship for the 2016 season at Southland with only the FESTIVAL OF STAKES championship left on the racing schedule at this track so be sure to tune in for Round 4 on Sunday, June 26 as well as the finals on Friday, July 1. Earlier in this competition I had listed my 8 selections to make the finals along with my pick to win it all as well as a longshot pick and you can see them below. I still have 7 of my picks in the chase for the title as well as my pick to win it all. Best of luck to all the greyhounds that are entered in this stakes contest as well as to their kennels, trainers and owners and all other connections. Good luck and thanks for reading.

2016 SOUTHLAND DERBY Stakes schedule

Round 1 - Saturday, June 11 - done Round 2 - Thursday, June 16 - done Round 3 - Wednesday, June 22 - done Round 4 - Sunday, June 26 FINALS - Friday, July 1

MONEYMAKER MIKE'S 8 picks to make the finals of the 2016 SOUTHLAND DERBY and their post positions and race numbers for Round 4.

BRASKA DALE - Round 4 - runs in the 11th race from the 4 box

THEEREE - Round 4 - runs in the 8th race from the 1 box

FIESTA PARAGUAS - Round 4 - runs in the 11th race from the 6 box

CHASMOS'S DIESEL - eliminated after Round 2

SE TALI SUNDANCE - Round 4 - runs in the 8th race from the 6 box

CHASMO'S DUTCH - My pick to win it all. Round 4 - runs in the 10th race from the 2 box

NASHAPELLI - Round 4 - runs in the 9th race from the 4 box

COUNSELOR - Round 4 - runs in the 11th race from the 1 box


PJ HOLD MY OWN - eliminated after Round 3