Team Ethel or Team Camry...Which Side Are You On?

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Jason Michael

September 23rd, 2016

The two will be forever linked.  It's a rivalry that has developed over the past two seasons and is an absolute must watch every time they match up. Of course we are talking about the two track champions from last season in Ethel Is Here from the Janie Carroll Kennel and Atascocita Camry from Suncoast Racing.

Just like the Twilight series produced a Team Edward & Team Jacob rivalry to see who was the one to root for, there is a split in the fan base between two of the best middle distance greyhounds on the planet when they square off.  How do you choose?  As we get ready for what should be another epic battle in Friday's Matinee finale between Camry & Ethel, lets give you the pros of why you should be on their side in the rivalry.

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Atascocita Camry

~The ultimate fire breaker.  When she hits her stride immediately at the start, she's one of the best in the business at taking gigantic leads.  Stunning to watch.

~Great nicknames and race calls when track announcer Mike Jameson calls Camry's races.  You'll hear things like "All that V8 power of Camry" and "She's got a full tank of gas and she's hauling.....tail."

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~Is a multiple stakes finalist, as she competed in the Derby and St Pats Final last year. Finished better then Ethel in the St Pats with a runner up finish while Ethel finished 4th.

~Is the only greyhound that has had really any success against Ethel.  Delivered the only loss to her in Derby qualifying last February, came within a head of taking the track championship by herself last season and has beaten her already twice in this season.  This is a greyhound that refuses to be intimidated, even if it is against a future All-American.

~If you are an exotics player, you have to love Camry.  53 out of 71 races in the money last season (75%) had many out there singing her praises all season long. She's continued it into this season, scoring 9 out of 11 races on the board.

~Just like every greyhound, she is beautiful with that classic fire red look.

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Ethel Is Here

~She owns the track record on the 660 yard Pat C Rendevous Course, breaking it three times in her career to a staggering 37.13 secs current time.

~Your current Derby Champion, after roaring back against Futurity Champion Kay Beowulf at the wire to take the $50,000 title.

~Along with Camry, was a multiple stakes finalist with the Derby and St. Pats Final, still a rarity for any middle distance racer.

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~Was rated the #1 greyhound by us for last seasons performance.

~Ultimate combination of great box firing skills to go along with an absolute lethal close.

~Consistently has been a mainstay at Palm Beach for the last three seasons.  She probably could have gone to other higher paying tracks to try her luck, but her team kept her in South Florida and it has paid off.

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~A gorgeous blue greyhound. Trainer Crystal Carroll once told me before Ethel that she believed the myth that blue dogs were slower then others and wouldn't be able to run consistently or fast enough with other greyhounds.  Ethel Is Here smashed any stereotypes that blue greyhounds are just a pretty face.

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~Has amassed a huge following on our social media sites.  Her replays are some of the most popular stories we put out there, with messages from around the world being posted about her.

~Mike Jameson has labeled her "The Living Legend."  Truth.

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Who Ya Got?

As with any rivalry debate, it will have to be settled on the field.  Both teams are great to root for without question, with both athletes having bragging rights of their own.  No matter what happens in Friday's Matinee or in the future, both of these greyhounds are two of the best racers Palm Beach has ever had and will be talked about for generations.  Enjoy this rivalry while it's on because it could go down as one of the best ever after it's all said and done.