Thanksgiving Marathon Challenge Round 1

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Kelly Clark

November 20th, 2017

The hits just keep on coming at bestbet Jacksonville as we gear up for yet another stakes event this coming Friday evening. The 2017 edition of the Thanksgiving Marathon Challenge should be a great race for everyone to watch, wager and win on. Loads of talent on tap and several newcomers, so you might even be able to get your longshot fix into the mix. On Monday evening, November 20th, we will run two qualifying races over the 770-yard course and the top 4 finishers from each race will move on to the finals on Friday evening. Remember there is NO LIVE RACING on Thursday, but we will have a special holiday double header on Friday with a Matinee and Evening performance.

Let’s take a closer look at the races and see if we can start the week out right with some winners, and you cashing some tickets here at bestbet Jacksonville.

Monday evening November 20th, 2017

Qualifying round of the 2017 Thanksgiving Marathon Challenge

Race 7 – Tough race here to call and several of these greyhounds are making their first trips over the 770-yard route. Loads of talent, but big question marks as well. Nizy gets my nod in this race. This greyhound dominated over the 660 course in the recent Orange Park Derby, and closed well in the finals to finish 3rd. I think she can run all day and absolutely loves this 8 box. Look for a strong break and for her to dig in deep late to score the win. She will have her hands full though as Ironhound Champ, Boc’s Queen Lady, draws a great rail post and has beaten stakes fields over this distance. She is always around the lead in any effort, but if she wants a win here, she will need to break quick to have a shot late. The early lead might be saved for Royal Clarion. Last time out over 770 she stole the front end and dove the lure away from the rest early on. She paid for it late though as she came up short in the deep stretch and had to settle for show. More of the same for her in this effort. Dutch Dalton is the other greyhound to worry about. Never run this far, but seems to just cruise on the front end if he can get there. No one is hotter here, he has won back to back races over 660, and he could be a big-time force here if he breaks well from the 770 box. A lot of what if’s in this effort, but take the class with the experience and the early speed and you should get some winning tickets. (HOPEFULLY!) (8-1-3-4)

Race 12 – Unlike the first race, here we have 2 greyhounds that will for sure be battling it out for the win tonight. The former track record holder, Herstal, and the recent queen over the distance, Jack’s Jet Speed. Both greyhounds have the ability to get the job done, and I think Herstal is looking for a little revenge as Jet Speed beat her last time out over the 770-yard course. Herstal has the best raw speed of this bunch and she just needs to get around close to take home the big time W in this effort. Let’s not forget that she won this race last year, and the Holiday Extravaganza stakes 770 leg, and several top grade 770 races from nearly the same post. She is the one to beat not only in this race, but the finals as well. Jack’s Jet Speed is no chump either and can post up big time wins over the 770-yard course too. The difference is that she is just not as seasoned as Herstal over the route. She is a strong greyhound and has proven that she can beat the best at the racetrack. The post is the same as it was in her last marathon race, and she scored a win. Closing is her best attribute and can come from off the pace to get it done in the stretch. She might not be able to run Herstal down if she gets the lead, but other yes. Really a two-greyhound race for win here in my opinion, play them like you like them. Best of the rest might be the grade C greyhound in this effort. Lk’s Rose Petal close from off the pace to finish right behind the lead duo here in her only 770 race. She got into trouble in this effort and might get a cleaner run outside tonight. If she can break at all, she might have a shot to factor at the finish line. Dutch Casey is the last one to take about in this effort. Trying out the route for the first time, he looks the part, but will have to see if he can turn those 660 closing runs into a good effort over the marathon course. He is always consistent, he finds ways into the money, and he is a threat in every start. No doubt that won’t change in this effort. Look for a solid chase and for him to factor in the money at the finish line again tonight. (3-4-5-7)

Remember the finals will run on Friday evening November 24th at bestbet Jacksonville as part of our special Holiday Double Header Performance.