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Kelly Clark

July 13th, 2017

The 2017 edition of the Battle of the Sexes race lived up to its name on Saturday evening July 1st at bestbet Jacksonville. Through all the hype and just which side was better, it came down to just who wanted it more in the 11th race. At the wire it was a photo finish, one male, one female, but who edged out who??

As Rusty rattled through the far turn the box came open for the 11th time on the card. Out popped the finals in the 2017 Battle of the Sexes and it was the former puppy stakes winner Pullanallnighter who came to run. Hitting the lid, she exploded to the front end and took instant command of this effort. She was clear by a couple of lengths early on, but the field was not giving up just yet. Chasing the leader down the front stretch was Ironhound winner Boc’s Queen Lady on the rail, followed closely by the early point leader in this race, and 6 race in a row winner, Watch me, along with the recent puppy stakes champ Ww Next Bigthing. This trio tried their best to close the gap, but Pullanallnigther was having none of that. Alone on the open air up front, she stretched her lead to 3 lengths at the first turn as the rest of the field jockeyed for position on the racetrack. Watch Me pulled ahead of the rest as he moved down on the inside part of the racetrack and cutoff the chasing Boc’s Queen Lady, Ww Next Bigthing took advantage of the extra room midtrack and set himself up for a backside run. Down past the tote board the field went, and Pullanallnighter was in easy command. Breezing on the lead she was coasting up front as the chasers were doing their best to try and gain ground with every step they took. At the far turn things would change again as the lead would shrink and the race would get more interesting. Watch Me found another gear and closed that 3-length margin down to a length as they turned for home. Once again trouble found Boc’s Queen Lady as Ww Next Bigthing moved to the rail and
bumped and cutoff the former stakes champion. That made this one a two-greyhound race coming home, and each team was represented as they started a battle for the finish line. Pullanallnigther, the female participant, was still clinging to a lead, but Watch Me, the male participant, hugged the rail and set his sights on the win. The closer they crept to the finish line, the closer that Watch Me got to the leader. Both were giving their all and doing everything they could to take home the title. In the final few strides they were just heads apart and as they crossed the finish line, it was too close to call. After the dust settled, and the photo was processed, the FEMALES came out on top. Pullanallnighter had stolen away enough lengths at the start to survive on the late lead and hold off Watch Me by a neck at the finish line. Taking advantage of the trouble at the far turn, Ww Mind At Rest exploded up late to win the battle for show at the finish line just ahead of the forever chasing Ww Next Bigthing in 4th and Boc’s Queen Lady in 5th. Completing the race was Ww Jackpot in 6th, Flying Krypotonite 7th, and Cj’s Sadie in 8th.

Congratulations to Pullanallnighter, the Blanchard Kennel, the owners, Pence, Draper, and Henry, the trainer Traci Chase, and everyone else connected with this fantastic greyhound 2nd stake victory at bestbet Jacksonville.