The Saturday Show Bets You'll Want To Make For 1-Million Points

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Ed DeRosa

November 8th, 2014

The SHOW-a-profit promotion on Saturday requires players to finish in the black on their show bets only to win or share 1-million points.

Assuming no scratches that would result in cancelled show wagering, there are 38 eligible races from Aqueduct, Churchill, Del Mar, and Gulfstream Park West. You must bet at least ten of them to qualify, but you can bet them all if that’s what it takes.

Show bets (and only show bets—WPS [i.e. across the board] and other combos like win-show or place-show don’t count) made for $4, $6, or $8 count toward the contest. I.e., a $2 show bet doesn’t count, and neither would $3, $5, $7, $9 or more. If you bet ten races at $4 each and get back $40.20 then you’ve qualified for the 1-million points pool.

If those ten bets have only returned $39.80, though, then you have not qualified, but an additional $4 bet that returns $4.40 would get you there.

One of the best tools for identifying likely successful show bets is the Power Search, which ranks entrants by Prime Power by race and track as well as by large gaps.

There are nine horses running on Saturday (in non maiden races) with at least a 10-point advantage as the top-ranked Prime Power entrant, and two of those horses are running at SHOW-a-profit tracks: Bad Debt in the Sunshine Millions Turf Preview at Gulfstream Park West and Official in race 8 at Aqueduct.

Narrowing the range to an 8-point gap brings in Glickman in race 4 at Aqueduct and Something Blue in race 5 at Churchill, but that only gets us four of our ten races, so we need to go down to a 4-point gap to get our ten horses: Jacksoncountyflash in race 1 at Churchill, Sky Painter in race 5 at Aqueduct, Devil’s Cave in race 2 at Gulfstream, Wildcat Red in race 8 at Gulfstream, Burns Turn in the Del Mar opener, and Tribal Dude in race 3 at Del Mar.

For fun, let’s put $4 to show on each of those horses and see if we profit. In the event of a scratch we’ll take the post time favorite.

Here’s a look at the four eligible tracks and when they’re running on Saturday:

Aqueduct, 9 races, 12:20-4:12 p.m. ET

Churchill, 10 races, 12:40-5:08 p.m. ET

Del Mar, 9 races, 3-7 p.m. ET

Gulfstream Park West, 10 races, 12:35-5 p.m. ET