Top 10 Greyhound Racing Names At Palm Beach

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Jason Michael

August 12th, 2015

*JS SpeedyPebbles*

Fans around the world love the sport of greyhound racing for many reasons. The speed, action and the excitement of winning is all a part of the fastest sport on Earth. One of the most unique things about this sport that many fans enjoy are the racing names of the greyhounds. Palm Beach has many outstanding racing names this season that can be clever, funny and downright perfect for that particular greyhound.

Here are the Top 10 greyhound racing names we’ve seen so far this season at “The Beach.”

#1 JS SpeedyPebbles ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins

For the second year in a row, the pride of Abilene, Kansas gets our top name. “The Queen of Palm Beach” will be remembered forever as an electric racer, beautiful greyhound and one of the best names ever created. The worldwide sensation just rules.

#2 Speeding Bullet ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

If you are going to put a name like this on a greyhound, he better be one of a kind. Bullet is just that for owner Monte Jacobs, especially after he set the sprint record at Palm Beach on July 24th with a ridiculous 28.92 secs run.

#3 BetOn BetAmerica ~ Royal Racing

I know we are a little biased towards this girl, but she's something to be proud of! The first ever greyhound named for our company already has two victories in her young career and is a walking billboard for us every time she starts. Has recently brought her game to the super sprint course.

#4 JS ToHotToHandle ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins

Owner Shannon Henry is probably the best around at naming her greyhounds and “Sizzle” is a prime example of it. She is definitely too hot to handle and too cold to hold on the race track.

#5 Kb’s Like A Fox ~ Rader Racing

The two time defending Track Champion has the name and the game to make any Top 10 list we put out. This greyhound has used his “Fox” like abilities to the tune of 66 career wins at “The Beach.”

#6 Mexican Hondo ~ Douglas Kennel

Inspired by the 1953 film Hondo, movie buffs will love seeing this young greyhound take on the competition, thinking of their hero Hondo Lane played by John Wayne in the film.

#7 PJ Smoke Em Out ~ Agganis Kennel

“Smokey” does just that when the race starts with his supreme lid flipping skills. Has been one of the best sprinters at Palm Beach going on 3 seasons now.

#8 Hustle It Up ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

Perfect name for a greyhound that seems to put it into another gear when she needs to.

#9 Not Now Honey ~ Champions Racing Team

What spouse hasn’t said this to their significant other at one time or another?

#10 Small Bev ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

Fabulous greyhound with tremendous heart for owner Seattle Leslie Csokasy. I gave her the nickname of “Big Time Bev” for her ability to show up when the lights are shining brightest.

*HotFoot Pink*

Honorable Mention

Crazy Uncle, JS Froot Loops, HareRaisnGudTime, Hey Pretty Girl, Kb's Gold Rider, Our VietnamHeros, Party of One, Too Darn Hot, Rocket Luke, Liquid Fire, Hotfoot Pink, ImPawster, Boc’s Easy Peasy, Fuzzys Robo Cop, Relativity, WippaSnappa, Flyin DuckDuckGo, Triple Yes, JS Toot Around, Cbj Jackie O, You Talk To Much, OshKosh Porkchop, Ugly Neighbor, WudahyaGonnaDo, Lawyer Lance, Winta Garoppolo, Mrl Gettin Even

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