Top 10 Greyhound Racing Names At Palm Beach

Jason Michael

September 24th, 2014

*JS SpeedyPebbles*

By Palm Beach Jason

Greyhound Racing is an amazing sport for many different reasons. The action, gambling and pure speed of these athletes makes it truly unique.

One of the biggest things that race fans love seeing in the Programs at the track is the racing names. It really is half the fun of looking at the upcoming races and just having a hunch that hound is going to win simply because of the striking name. Palm Beach as always has some great greyhound racing names going this year.

Here are my Top 10 favorite racing names I have seen this season at “The Beach.”
JS Speedy Pebbles

#1 JS SpeedyPebbles ~ Sprinter ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins

The name and the game all work for the The “Queen of Palm Beach.” She has been one of the best racers at this track for the last two seasons and people seem to be drawn to not only the way she races, but the names that have been given to her. She is also a “Super Sister” to JS Froot Loops.

Like A Fox 

#2 KB’s Like A Fox ~ Super Sprinter ~ Rader Racing

This super sprinter really is like a fox trying to chase down Rusty the lure in less then 17 seconds. One of the top super sprinters ever here.

#3 CRT Full Of It ~ Sprinter ~ Champions Racing Team

Aren’t we all “Full Of It” once in a while?

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#8 Albatross ~ Sprinter ~ Rader Racing

The nickname “Big Bird” given by track announcer Mike Jameson is very clever. Has spread his wings for many wins in his first full season.

#9 Killer Sunshine ~ Middle Distance Racer ~ B & B Racing

I would imagine this hound has a sweet personality but a “killer” instinct once she steps on the track.

#10 Sabotage ~ Sprinter ~ Rader Racing

The younger generation like myself can’t help but think of the Beastie Boys song “Sabotage” when you hear this race name. I jam that tune every time before this Bob Crossland owned racer starts.

Honorable Mention

JS Pole Smokin, Super C Roxee, Stormy Brogan, JS Jump For Joy, PFannys Timber T, Eyes Best Bet, Magic Buster, CRT Lightning, CTW Pistol Mama, Atascocita Golda, Liberty Trail, Trickapalooza, Dangerous Mama, KB’s Gold Rider, Macsaurus, JS Big Mack, CRT Majestic, CRT Leyla, JSTwisted Texi, Elaine Stritch.

What are your favorite race names at Palm Beach? Send me your favorites on Facebook or on Twitter (@JasonPalmBeach.)