Trying To Get a Piece of Those Big Payouts at Churchill Downs

Profile Picture: Ed DeRosa

Ed DeRosa

November 18th, 2015

There’s been a lot to like about the current Churchill Downs meeting: The average win mutual is $15.92, favorites are winning at only a 31% clip, Pick 3s are paying 13.8% more than the parlay, Pick 4s more than 9.8% the parlay, and the Single^6 jackpot carryover is up to $79,358.

And a fun new twist for the mix this week is DQ insurance on If your win bet is disqualified from first then will refund your wager up to $25 per race. As an employee and multi-race bettor this won’t affect my strategy at all, but I could see how this promotion could make watching the aftermath of a race involving an inquiry and/or objection less stressful/more fun.

As for me, I’ll keep pounding away at those multi-race bets. There are 9 $1 doubles, 8 $.50 Pick 3s, 3 $.50 Pick 4s, a $.50 Pick 5, and the $.20 Single^6 jackpot on today’s ten-race card. The seventh race is the key race because it is the first and last legs of a pair of Pick 4s and involved in the Pick 5 & Single^6 as well.

As you can see from the ABC grid below, I don’t have a strong opinion in that race but am narrow enough around it that I can afford to spread fairly easily. Hopefully I’m right.

Good luck today