TwinSpires Bankroll Bonanza find a better promotion promotion

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Ed DeRosa

April 2nd, 2013

What we always considered business as usual and the right way to treat customers is apparently a big deal to other account wagering sites. has never charged wagering fees, but a competing ADW got a lot of mileage after canceling its $.25/bet charge following more than a decade of that practice. has never charged for's flagship past performances product--the Ultimate PPs--but a competing ADW generated some buzz by offering free past performances if you wager $25 on the track and date. That's a big difference from TwinSpires's offer for FREE PPs, and only came after years of offering an inferior product.

But you can't rest on your laurels in this business. The competition has adapted, and it's going to have to adapt again to keep up with our latest promotion: the Kentucky Derby Bankroll Bonanza.

Beginning Friday, April 5, is giving away five (5) $500 Derby wagering bankrolls among those who wager at least $200 on any given day through Kentucky Derby day. That's 150 players receiving $500 for a $75,000 promotion, but that's not all.

Anyone who wagers $200 during the promotional period (April 5-May 4) will automatically take part in a $25,000 hit-it-and-split-it promotion on the Kentucky Derby day Pick 3 that ends with the Derby. Hit this lucrative Pick 3, and you'll split an additional $25,000 only among those who also wagered at least $200 on any day April 5-May 4.

So here's the math: Five (5) $500 Derby bankrolls is $2,500/day. The promotion lasts 30 days, so that's $75,000 for TwinSpires players April 5-May 4. Then there's an additional $25,000 for those who hit the wagering threshold on any day during the promotion and hit the Derby day all-Grade 1 Pick 3. [(30*(5*$500))+$25,000] = $100,000!

We're so confident that this is the most lucrative ADW promotion ever that we're willing to make it a $100,500 promo if anyone can point to a richer promotion in the history of ADW. We're giving away $100,000 in 30 days. Has anyone given away more? Let us know and you'll be our first winner of a $500 Derby bankroll!