TwinSpires player invests $4.80 to score $16k Super High 5 on live stream

Profile Picture: James Scully

December 17th, 2020

TwinSpires player Andrew Blackmore shared the thrill of a big score with live-stream viewers on Tuesday night, hitting the Super High 5 at Pompano Park for $16,803.94.

Blackmore set up a TwinSpires account about three years ago, but he’s been using the betting platform primarily for about 18 months.

“I started using TwinSpires more because the programs are better, and for streaming purposes, the layout is much more suitable, flexible to how I want to set it up.”

For his live-stream group on Twitch, Blackmore provides quick, rapid-fire analysis for upcoming races at multiple tracks. He’s studying past performances and sharing betting strategies with the group.

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“The nature of my betting, a lot of it is off the cuff or very much in the moment,” Blackmore said. “It’s kind of funny, and I think a lot of handicappers do this, where I’m looking at the program and I’m processing the information, and the back of my mind is still processing certain information, and then a couple of minutes after I read it, it kind of clicks.”

As a TwinSpires member, Blackmore utilizes the free Brisnet past performances for harness tracks.

“I use the Brisnet programs for the stats, love using trainer stats for horses off the layoff, shipper stats – those percentages,” Blackmore said. “When I would handicap with programs from other sites, they either wouldn’t show those stats or had limited information. Horses often come back from layoffs, and I discovered that one of the biggest gaps in my handicapping was not knowing how a trainer did off layoffs.”

He’s been live-streaming his betting action since the start of May. Blackmore estimates that at its peak, the number of viewers has been around 30. There were approximately 8-12 viewers on Tuesday night.

“I’ve been handicapping the horses since I was 10, used to go the track with my dad and he would make the bets after I handicapped the races,” the 35-year-old native of Virginia said. “Years later, I got more serious and started going to the track with friends. We would go to Rosecroft five nights a week because they were closed the other two nights.”

Blackmore now enjoys playing horses from the comfort of home.