TwinSpires Players Horse Of The Year & Top Winners For Harness Bettors, 2015

Profile Picture: Frank Cotolo

January 1st, 2016

As 2015 ends, we file our annual report to harness blog followers/TwinSpires account holders.

First, we announce our 2015 TwinSpires Players Horse of the Year. At the end of each season, we celebrate the horse endorsed in a blog that won and paid a winning mutual larger than any other we suggested you play during a season.

Over the past few seasons, the TwinSpires Players Horse of the Year has paid at least $100. In 2015 we scored with the highest win mutual since we began crowning our champion. The horse came from our H2W (horses-to-watch) list. The winner is:

The Filly Princess, $186.50
bay mare, 7
(Bettor’s Delight—Knock Yourself Out—Artiscape)
Breeder:.Francine Funke, CT
Owner: Standardbred Ventures, Inc., Merrick, N.Y

Early in 2015, The Filly Princess won a conditioned event at Saratoga Harness, paying $186.50. On the H2W list, that win price was three times the penultimate price of $56.

Honorable Mention goes to the top price from our features. It was another filly, The Show Returns, paying $82.80 at the Meadowlands during the stakes season.

2015 winners by price (4-1 up in features only)

The Show Returns $82.80, Meadowlands

Fast Moving Train $51.60, Meadowlands

Tipton Teeez $34.20, Red Mile
Arockalypse Now $31.60, Western Fair

Heez Orl Black N $29.20. Yonkers
Count On Kami $28.40, Scioto
Big Top Hanover, $25.20, Woodbine
Magic Marker $20.60, Meadows
Lindy Land $20.40, Tioga

Milligans School $18.80, Meadowlands
Mach It So $18.60, Harrington
Independent Spirit $18.00, Dayton

Mach It So $17.70, Mohawk
Colors A Virgin, $17.50, Mohawk

Bad Glamour Girl $16.40, Meadows

Hog Aufray $15.80, Charlottestown
Wakizashi Hanover, $15.80, Mohawk
Colors A Virgin $15.00, Woodbine

Mcardles Lightning $14.60, Pocono

Luck Be Withyou $14.40, Pocono

Four Diamonds, $13.10, Fraser

Doo Wop Hanover $12.80, Scioto
Perfect Picture $12.40, Meadowlands
Hititoutofthepark $12.00, Meadows
Smokinmombo $12.00, Pocono

Rock N Load $11.80, Meadowlands
Sand Sonya $11.80, Northfield
Wicked Little Minx $11.80, Red Mile
Obrigado $11.40, Vernon
PH Supercam $11.20, Saratoga

Fox Valley Legend $10.80, Meadowlands
JK Endofanera $10.80, Red Mile
Let’s Drink On It $10.70, Flamboro
Great Vintage $10.60, Philadelphia
Mosquito Blue Chip $10.60, Dover
Double Exposure $10.40 Meadowlands
Magic Marker $10.40, Meadowlands
Docs Ronhenry $10.30, Flamboro
Obrigado $10.20, Meadowlands
Concentration $10.00, Vernon
Ideal Cowboy, $10.00, Meadowlands

H2W winners (4-1 up)

The Filly Princess, $186.50, Saratoga

You’re News, $56.00, Scarborough

Bad Night Mare, $45.60, Yonkers
Elite Awards, $45.40, Dover
Hemlock Tough Guy, $40.60, Northville
Fox Valley Wave, $40.00, Maywood

Kumu, $39.90, Century
Hf Nancy Babygirl, $38.50, Century
Pegasus Point, $37.80, Vernon
Victors Hall, $37.40, Hoosier
Slow And Easy, $36.40, Cal Expo
Wigesjet, $36.30, Century
Hot Cycle, $36.00, Northville
Elska Min, $35.90, Century
Sweet Jon, $35.80, Scarborough
Niyama, $35.60, Rosecroft
Power And Purpose, $34.80, Northfield
Cabaret, $34.20, Northfield
Alverna, $33.90, Fraser
Window Wiper, $33.80, Hoosier
Dickies Motel, $32.20, Cal Expo
 Tashia, $32.00, Northfield
Hail To The Master, $30.20, Dover
Empress Deo, $30.00, Meadowlands

Hudsonandbernard, $29.20, $Pocono
Mystery Bet, $28.50, Woodbine
Wine Photo, $27.40, Woodbine
Doctor Carter, $26.00, Miami
Blissfullannmarie, $25.30, Flamboro
Autumn Estelle, $25.00, Saratoga
Pembroke Delux, $25.20, Plainridge
R Duneshine, $24.20, Maywood
Red Feather, $24.00, Ocean
Fan Regal, $22.80, Charlottestown
Prada Spur, $22.60, Meadows
Youshouldseemenow, $22.60, Century
Rock N Roll Queen, $22.60, Scioto
So Long My Love, $22.20, Northfield
Cobble Beach, $21.80, Buffalo
Promise We Can, $21.70, Century
Kings Treasure, $21.60, Plainridge
Blue Gem, $21.40, Cal Expo
JK Cowboy, $21.40, Charlottestown
Tour Guide, $21.00, Cal Expo
High Fashion, $22.00, Woodbine
Get Your Armor, $20.60, Northfield

Action-broadway, $19.80, Dayton

Sharp Returns, $18.40, Scioto
Kimmie Can, $18.00, Bangor
Precise Accusation, $18.00, Batavia

Laissez Moi Passer, $17.80, Cal Expo
Pureform Electra, $17.80, Fraser
Sew Psyched, $17.40, Meadows

Moveslike Mcjagger, $16.60, Meadows
Son Of Anarchy, $16.60, Fraser
Girl Drama, $16.50, Woodbine
Kabu, $16.20, Hoosier
Artist From Above, $16.00, Miami
Some Kinda Beach, $16.00, Hoosier

Jewels In Hock, $15.80, Meadowlands
Meet Me Tonight, $15.60, Century
Phenatical Maniac, $15.60, Northlands
Western Dame, $15.60, Maywood
Hildrop Shady, $15.40, Century
First Art Down, $15.30, Charlottetown
Haymaker, $15.20, Saratoga
Big Bad George, $15.00, Pompano
Handover Belle, $15.00, Meadowlands
Tarport Andy, $15.00, $Monticello

Pan Grand, $14.60, Plainridge
Atomic Art, $14.40, Maywood
Victorious Valle, $14.40, Northville
Up Up And Out, $14.20, Meadowlands
Iced Out, $14.00, Saratoga
Mr Nice Guy, $14.00, Bangor
Woman Of Terror, $14.00, Scioto

Detroit Rapper, $13.80, Meadowlands
Alexander Hanover, $13.20, Meadows

DC Uprising, $12.80, Northfield
Landonfitz, $12.80, Hoosier
All The Bettor, $12.60, Saratoga
Blissful Bells, $12.60, Meadows
Jolt Of Jo, $12.40, Meadows
Jada Queen, $12.20, Rosecroft
ER Myron, $12.00, Meadows
Jesses Story, $12.00, Meadows

Deo Gloria, $11.80, Red Mile
Rockin Good, $11.80, Hoosier
She Escapes Me, $11.60, Freehold
Chewy Baca, $11.40, Running Aces
Lcb Artist, $11.40, Monticello
Reachinforthestars, $11.40, Batavia
Wynnfrith, $11.40, Charlottestown
Firm It Up, $11.20, Meadows
Growly Gus, $11.20, Plainridge
Lone Raider, $11.20, Rosecroft
Shareslittlespirit, $11.20, Century
Tequila Haze, $11.20, Batavia
Jailhouse Jesse, $11.00, Hoosier

Every Day, $10.90, Charlottestown
Shellys Man, $10.90, Charlottetown
Lexis Delight, $10.80, Cal Expo
Midnight Destroyer, $10.80, Maywood
Peytons Troubador, $10.80, Northville
Suit And Tie, $10.80, Meadowlands
Blush Hanover, $10.60, Meadowlands
Miss Kilo, $10.60, Meadows
Regal Honor, $10.60, Maywood
Sumatra, $10.40, Yonkers
Twice Too Nice, $10.40, Vernon
Matt Tin Roof, $10.20, Philadelphia
Money Show, $10.20, Charlottetown
Won Sweet Dream, $10.20, Vernon
Bestnotlie Hanover, $10.00, Pocono
Chocoholic, $10.00, Meadowlands

Excelerated Speed, $10.00, Maywood

There were many other winners below $10.00. Let’s try to break the record in the 2016 season but more importantly, let’s keep producing contenders that escape the public eye and produce profit for our TwinSpires bankrolls.


~Frank Cotolo for TwinSpires harness play, with thanks to Ed DeRosa, Lucky Kalanges, Ray Cotolo and Tom Charters/Moira Fanning (Hambletonian Society) for their loyal cooperation with all harness blogs and the harness wagering public.