Weekend Feature Races

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Kelly Clark

February 10th, 2017

Another great weekend of racing is ahead of us here at bestbet Jacksonville. Loads of talent over all 3 distances, 550, 660 & 770 yards, as the best sprinter will be on display as they warm up for the upcoming $50,000 James J Patton Silver Cup. Check for the distance greyhounds too as in March our IRONhound stakes will take place as well. One greyhound over four distances, who can hang until the end. Anyways back to this weekend. Let’s look at the races and see if we can get you cashing some tickets.

Friday evening February 10th, 2017

Race 7 – Loads to pick from in this race, but I like the back to back winner Brutus My Name. Not only does he have his mojo going, he won last time out from this same 5 box. Out early he finds a way to get the hat trick. Pushing the pace throughout will be the Braska Runcie. Time to get back breaking and contending in this race. Others to consider include the well posted, solid A stalking threat Flying Rose, as well as, the love to cut inside from the outside factor Ln Double Stuff. (5-2-3-7)

Race 10 – Another strong field and another DQ greyhound in the 5 box to pick on top. Godzilla Who is a strong competitor that can really make things happen on the lead. He will need to come out fast if he wants a chance to wire this field for his 3rd win in 5 starts. Prompting the leader with be the solid A early speeder Hilco Spartan. If he makes the front, he too could pull off the win. Watch out for the recently hot running Kanes Mini from the outside, and don’t overlook the rising back into grade A again runner, Lee Polly. (5-3-7-2)

Race 11 – Puppy power in the 11th as we get four superstars in the making duking it out for bragging rights. None is better here though than Js Armdndangerus. This puppy is a monster. Winning 3 straight, and 5 of 6 in grade A, he knows how to get things done. He will not be along though as Ln Michaels has loads of early speed and will challenge from the start. Bgr Yosemite Sam is no slouch himself as he has a pair of grade A wins showing, and Ww Next Bigthing might be new to grade A, but has the talent and the chops to run with this fantastic as well. (4-2-3-6)

Race 15 – Over to 660 for the nightcap and a good mix of early and late speed greyhounds, along with a few that could just stalk their way to a victory. Pat C Dashboard is that greyhound. Posted well, he will get out in contention and find a way to outlast the rest in the stretch to score. Battling it out up front will most likely be the upstart, who has blazed up to grade A, Sorry Not Sorry from the rail, along with veteran Pat C Fracking from the inside. Everyone better be wary late for the elite closing threat that is Dutch Reagan. (8-1-3-6)

Saturday February 11, 2017

Matinee –

Race 11 – Interesting race here with a lot of unknown players. Newcomers to the ranks, greyhounds off for an extended rest, converts back to 550 from 660 for the upcoming stakes, and even some grade A’s to worry about. You could pick about anyone and make a case for them, but I’ll go with the hot hand. Lacking experience at this level, sure, but Mega Caliente is no stranger to winning as of late. With 2 wins in 3 starts in speedy times, this similar post should do the trick. Veteran, and puppy stakes winner, Pat C Outbounds is posted well and could pull off the win too. Keep a close eye on Cal Smith from the rail. Loads of talent, off a rest, is he ready to rumble? If so, he too could score, and last but not least, Wiki Jax Attack. If he breaks well, he could wire this field on the lead too. (2-7-1-8)

Evening –

Race 7 – Now for the veteran and the top-grade ship ins. Seeking Tim is finally starting to figure out the racetrack and that is bad news for the greyhounds that must run against him. This AA from Tri-State now has back to back wins showing in grade. Away from the crowd again in the 8 box, he could dominate if he clears early again. Pushing the pace will be the always tough rail runner Boc’s Andross from the 1 box. Six straight in the trifecta, Andross has won 2 of 3 races and will factor throughout. Don’t overlook the streaky Mac’s Melanie either. With back to back wins, she is on point, and if she clears early again, she might just have another W in tow. WE would be amiss not to mention the Track Record holder here too. Kmz Kraken is as fast as he wants to be, but needs to break better in sprints is he wants a chance late. This extreme closer, will come a running late to challenge. (8-1-3-4)

Race 9 – It might not be a grade A, but a TB race is close enough, and besides IT’S A MARATHON! Gotta love those 770 race and you might have a couple warm ups for the upcoming IRONhound stakes to watch out for. Clearly C Ville C Alice is the one to beat in this effort. She is an absolute monster over the marathon course and can win for fun if she gets loose early on. Rounding back into form, hot off a 770 win, oops she does it again! Trying to make her work late will be another only marathon greyhound Sheza Ali. No doubt she can close, and she will again here, screaming up late, she makes it interesting at the finish. Mr Tito also likes the route and could contend, and Ww Great Wall might just be the early leader here, but can she hang through the 770 distance? We will see! (7-8-2-5)

Race 11 – Stakes winner time as Hey Hey Daddy gets another shot at a victory in this effort. This greyhound likes it outside and should have all kinds of room to rush to the turn. His nearest breaking threat is the 5 box, and that extra room goes a long way for him tonight. Speaking of the 5 box, Lee Raven is there and should be considered a bit time threat as well. This big breaker might even steal the lead away early, but she is too short to win without help behind her. Still 6 straight in the trifecta is nothing to sneeze at. Posted up Www Speed Train has continued to shine as of late and can close a bit to factor and Atascocita Deana will like the further inside post and could contend until she runs out of gas in the stretch. (8-5-2-4)

Race 15 – Back to 660 for the final race on the card and the runner up of the bestbet Derby will make amends in this one. Lk’s Centuria is a strong running greyhound from on or just off the pace and that is where she will start this one from. She can get home in a hurry and will get extra room early as the 5 heads straight to the rail at the start. Look for revenge, she gets a bit tonight. Also, breaking and factoring will be Temp Rock. Rock is short late, but stole enough last time out to hold off Centuria at the wire. Another good rail post aides his effort and he will have a strong chance at back to back victories in this effort. The others to consider here are both extreme closers. Fiesta Bonker won his last race by almost 10 lengths, but he will not break like that against these early footers. Still he will come on late and factor and so will the 770-track record holder Herstal. The post is not ideal, but she will overcome the trouble enough to find a spot in the superfecta at the wire. (6-3-7-5)

Sunday matinee February 12, 2017

Race 7 – More evenly matched up races for you to wager on. Atascocita Danty is a strong closer from a good post that should be able to get home late and take the W in this race. If Danty wants to win he must catch Arkans Funnel on the front end though. This strong breaker gets the rail and will be ready to roll come post time today. Surely Kc’s Waltrip will be evenly chasing the pace in the money for the duration, as he often does, and late converted 660 to 550 runner, and back to back winner, Bf Par Kingsman will be coming on strong and trying to get that elusive 3 win in a row at the finish. (7-1-2-3)

Race 11 – Post makes a winner in this effort. Ln Sugar is right at home in the 1 box and will leave the field seeing red at the finish line. Winning her last 2 from this post position, and finishing in the quiniela in 4 straight from here, she is poised to wire them all again for the win. She will not be untouched though as Lee Utah should always be around. Utah is coming off a win and has been in the quiniela in 5 of her last 8 races. Watch for Lk’s Freestar to be an early threat and factor to the far turn again here, and you can’t leave out Flyin Red Riley either. Posted well, Riley will be in the conversation for much of this effort. (1-7-2-8)