Weekend Feature Races – No LIVE Racing Easter

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Kelly Clark

April 14th, 2017

Happy Easter everyone and remember that we will not be racing live on EASTER SUNDAY here at bestbet Jacksonville. But let’s get to the races that will be run this weekend. During Friday and both Saturday cards we will have loads of talent on tap and some great chances for you to cash some tickets and win some extra green. Let’s take a closer look.

Friday evening April 14th, 2017

Race 7 – For sure we all know who is going to the early lead in this effort, CJ’s Sadie, but late some will be just a Touch To Much for her to handle at the wire. Touch To Much can break well too and should be stalking the pace all the way to the stretch here. Just TO MUCH late, he finds a way to win. Sadie, continues her hot running from a great post and holds on for place. Also, contending should be the steady chaser Flying Riverwood, and the big time closing threat Heza Sure Thing. (5-1-3-2)

Race 10 – Great battle up front in this effort as we have several good early speed greyhounds vying for the lead and the win in this effort. None is better than Bl Warlock. Winning 4 of his last 5 efforts, including a run of 3 straight, he has been working miracles from the 7 box and gets it again here. Look for a determine win. Pushing the pace, the greyhound that won last time out from this post, Lee Utah. Along with the solid grade A well posted threat She’s A Mystery, and the recent stakes finalist looking to find his mojo again Ln Michaels. (7-1-2-5)

Race 15 – Tough, Tough, Tough race here with big times names and big time titles and qualifications. Real Good Feelin is well overdue for the top spot, but this one won’t be easy. She is as fast as she wants to be and can run down several others here from behind if needed. She is in a good spot between midtrack and inside and should flourish in this one. If she wants to win, she will need to beat the resurging stakes champ Ln Houdini. Recently he had won 3 in a row and looks to rebound here after a tough trip last time out. Don’t sleep on the well posted hot handed C Ville Kree, or the fast closing solid grade A Ww’s Marsala, both from the outside part of the racetrack. (3-5-7-8)

Saturday matinee April 15th, 2017

Race 11 – Super pup, Dutch Double, is looking to get back to his winning ways. This closer, needs to break better in this effort to get it done, but the post should aide him in his effort. If he waits too long at the start of this race, he might just miss out at the wire. O Ya Casey Jones and Pat C Hash Tag will be the ones to catch as both have enough early speed to steal away a lead in this effort. They can be caught late and have some a couple of occasions, so both need some help behind here to hold on. Another in the money play should be Of Wagon Train. This greyhound hasn’t missed the money in 6 straight and has won 2 of his last 3 efforts. (2-8-3-6)

Saturday evening April 15th, 2017

Race 7 – Tough to pick against a greyhound on a streak, so we won’t. Lee Raven has won back to back races from off the pace and looks to get the hat trick in this effort. She’ll have to work for it though as there are some talented greyhounds in the mix here. No doubt that Gs Mad Mudder will be the one to catch. This early speed is all about the front end, but folds up the tent once getting past. So, the question is how long can he hold the front end. Late the other closers will factor as well. Impressive pup Bambi Brake will be coming late to challenge, as well as, the recent back to back winner Dutch Marley. (7-3-5-8)

Race 11 – The queen of the ball is back and is continuing to rock the bestbet oval. Boc’s Queen Lady has now won 4 straight races, 3 in a row over 550 after her stakes final win, and that streak should not stop in this effort. Sure, she might have to go get someone late, but she can do that if needed. The hot hand continues to dominate here. Trying to make her work and ruin her night will be the 5 race in a row in the trifecta finisher Pat C Panic from a great rail post position. Other that want to throw their hat in the ring as well include the big early rushing, stalking threat, who also has 6 straight in the money, Ww’s Castle Rock, along with the fast closing competitor Miss Cora. (4-1-5-7)

Race 15 – Over to 660 for the nightcap and a tough race to figure out. Loads on talent on tap and several greyhounds have a chance to win this effort. Big names, newcomers, stakes threats, stakes winners, it is all covered in this effort. Her though I like the best recent runner Ww Blair. Winning a stakes round over this distance, from this post, that is enough for me. Watch her find the break and make quick work of this field tonight. Pushing the early pace will be the next-door neighbor, newcomer, Nb’s Parishilton, but late she will be no match for the huge closing threat that is Fiesta Bonker, and the late driving former puppy stakes winner Pat C Outbounds. (8-3-7-5)