What if rainbow 6 addition: Borislow costs Monday's winners thousands

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Ed DeRosa

May 27th, 2014

Whether you’re a gambling sadist or a masochist, the “what if” game is surely a part of your repertoire.

One of my favorite racetrack/OTB denizens is the sadist quickest to remind a winner that s/he could have won even more if only s/he had be the tri instead of the exacta or super instead of the tri, etc.

We can do it to ourselves, too, as win or lose, there’s always something you could have done differently to have obtained a better result.

It is in that spirit I present this “what if” scenario for yesterday’s Rainbow^6 at Gulfstream Park, which handled $779,611 despite no carryover after Dan Borislow took down the jackpot for $6,678,932.12 the previous day.

So what would Monday’s sequence have paid if there was an extra $6.6-million to kickstart the pool?

First thing I did was figure out how many winners there were on Monday. $779,611 in handle means 3,898,055 $.20 combinations purchased. At 20% takeout, there was $623,688.80 to distribute to the winners, who received $12,796.04 for each successful $.20 wagered. That means there were 48 or 49 winners. I’m going with 49 and blaming breakage for the missing few hundred dollars.

There was some talk that the total pool with a $6.6-million carryover could reach $20-million, which would mean $13.4-million of new money. Let’s say they came just shy of that number and handled $13.3-million, which is 66.5-million $.20 wagers.

49 winners from 3,898,055 combos on Monday means .001257% of tickets cashed. If that same ratio held up in the bigger pool, then there would have been 836 winners splitting $17.24-million for a $.20 payout of $20,622.

Dan Borislow cost yesterday’s winners $7,825.