What's Next For KB's Like A Fox?

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Jason Michael

March 21st, 2016

*Kb's Like A Fox*

He did what was once unthinkable last Friday afternoon at Palm Beach.

Kb's Like A Fox from Rader Racing broke the 21 year old career wins record that was previously held by Hall of Famer Pat C Rendezvous in the Matinee, cruising to his 86th victory.  The win only further cemented "The Fox" from owner Troy Biehle as the greatest super sprinter this sport has ever seen and continued the trend that history is made every single weekend lately in South FLA.

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"It was a phenomenal feat. I never thought it would ever happen.  I thought it was one of those unreachable records," Kennel owner Norm Rader told PBKennelClub.com.  "He wants to run. He likes to run and I'm going to keep letting him do it until he doesn't want to anymore."

That is great news for anybody that has followed Fox's career.  He will be 5 come August but Fox has shown that he has still plenty of competitive races left before he hangs up his muzzle.

Many thought that Rendezvous' career record could never be touched and for good reason.  To be able to win this many races in your career, you need incredible talent, stamina and luck to even have a chance.  Fox's first victory came on June 22nd, 2013 and he hasn't stopped since.  The nearly 50% career winner has shrugged off the doubters his entire career and made a worldwide fan base that loves to watch his unique wide running style.

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So what's next?  The two time defending track champion now sits in the thick of yet another title run, only four victories from the top spot currently residing with Derby Champion Ethel Is Here. No athlete in the 84 year history of the Club has ever won 3 straight championships.

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Then there's the question of the Walk of Fame.  Palm Beach a few summers back honored their top athletes of all time, including Rendezvous, with stars cemented in front of the main entrance.  To me, it's not a matter of should Fox get the newest star, but when.  In my opinion, Fox should have the star put out there the day after he retires without question.  No matter what your personal opinion is about the super sprint and whether it is a legit greyhound distance, "The Fox" is the best ever at it while only a handful of racers ever have even been remotely competitive.

One thing I would also like to see is the course that Fox has dominated for so long be named after him.  The middle distance course at "The Beach" is appropriately named The Pat C Rendezous Course, mainly because of the 36 straight wins she put together in 1994.  What more would it take to get Fox the same honor?  The Kb's Like A Fox Super Sprint Course has a nice ring to it and would be a sweet touch for Palm Beach to honor one of its greatest racers ever.

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Is it crazy to anybody else that this hound has never even been considered for All-American?  Hopefully the national writers will take a closer look at Fox's career and give the legend his due when voting time comes around next winter.

With Fox continuing to race, is it possible that he could put this record out of reach for anybody to ever come close to?  Could we see a ridiculous 100 wins coming?

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Whatever happens, what Fox has done has been nothing short of incredible.  I am one of the few people in the world that has seen every single one of his races and it has been a pleasure covering him from first win to #86.  Congrats to all of Kb's Like A Fox's connections on one monster of an historical feat.

What does the fox say?